Wednesday, February 10


Oh boy,

What a thoroughly thrilling ride. Not because it was super intense or grueling or depressing but because, as buyers, we felt foolish from the beginning. I understand how folks would look at us as foolish, first time buyers who's jaws dropped with the first shiny thing. But you'd be wrong. We've equipped ourselves with  knowledge on schooling, neighborhood and comps... Because that's who we are. We research the living daylights out of everything!

We felt foolish because our first showing was the house we loved! "Loved" might be an understatement. We both lost sleep over it. We pictured ourselves there... but that's when we decided we needed to equip ourselves with some info and kicked the research into high-gear. I was able to reach our to quite a few friends and colleagues that are or have friends in the neighborhood and vetted the community school. We researched crime in the neighbs and drove up and down the streets to get a feel for the community.

Ultimately, we fought to get more showings in the neighborhood (of which there were few) and checked other homes in the price range (again, of which there were few) and realized that this home was an amazing deal that truly fit our family's needs and had to put our offer in.

So we did. Accepted. And now we need to sell our house. (Okay, we need to list it first, but whatever... Details... Details!)

Ahhhh... Can't wait to move to the city!!


Thursday, January 21

18 Months and Flying Fast

I can't believe this time has gone by so fast. Doing the updates on Max gives me time to slow down time a bit and reflect on all the amazing accomplishments from the past 6 months. 

This is what I posted on Max's behalf... 

It’s crazy looking back on these photos and seeing Max from 6 months ago. Before we were parents ourselves, every parent told us how fast time flies, and it wasn’t that we didn’t believe them, it’s that there’s no way to comprehend what that feels like until you go through it. So strange.

After Max’s successful and eventful 1st birthday party, we finished out the summer together doing some of our favorite things like biking, reading, gardening and playing in the water. The BIG milestone of taking his first steps happened just before Matthew’s return to school. It happened just before Max turned 13 months. We certainly enjoyed watching him bobble around the house but he never really struggled with balance and it wasn’t long before he was tearing through the house on his 2 feet.

Along with running around the house and putting on his cheesy, goofy faces, Max enjoys dancing. He’ll do his best to pick up the beat in any song and start swinging his arm, bouncing his knees and stomping his feet. At this point he has the 'white boy' dance mastered. I’m sure he’ll get a bit more rhythm as he gets older.... maybe! 

Max loves to read and be read to constantly. And from a very early age, we noticed that he would concentrate quite intently on the pages as they were being read to him. He is also a master of asking “what’s that?” as many children are at his age. But he absorbs all the info and just pops out using it one day. Max has a wide variety of animal sounds mastered and can identify animals in a book pretty accurately, he can tell you where his nose, eyes, ears, mouth, head, hair, belly and button are...which is quite cute. (He lifts up his shirt and points to his belly button. As you can imagine, he gets quite the reaction to it every time!!)

Daddies traveled to Georgia for their anniversary this year and left Max behind with grandparents for a whole week. I’m pretty sure it was harder on Matthew than on Max, though he held off asking how Max was doing as best he could. He did a pretty good job keeping grandma and Papa moving while we were away but I think it was good for everyone.

Max’s next round of teeth came through during the month of November. He had pushed through his first round of molars in August (bottoms were easy but the tops were a beast). So Max spent a whole month pushing through his incisors which I figured would align him to do his last round of molars over winter break but we made it through 2015 with 16 teeth. As of this update, we still haven’t seen the final 4 pop through.

At the beginning of December Max was unfortunate enough to get his first ever stitches. We dropped Max off with the grandparents while we went to an art sale for what would have been no more than an hour and a half, but in that time, he managed to trip on the rug in front of the fireplace and make a hard contact with the fireplace hearth. All said and done he had 3 stitches in his forehead. It has been healing up really nice but he may have a noticeable scar for a good long time.

Max had a great time being mobile during Christmas this year. He had fun ripping paper and digging through gift bags. As you can imagine, he was spoiled rotten by both sets of grandparents. Max also welcomed a cousin a few days before Christmas, so on Matthew’s side of the family, Max is no longer the youngest. Santa brought Max a really cute beard book and a wonderful pop-up tent which gets put up and taken down regularly. Max enjoys crawling through the tunnel at a vigorous pace.

We’ve been going through a deep freeze in Minnesota for the past couple of weeks so there hasn’t been too much outdoor play, but when we can we get bundled up and take the sled through the yard, swing and check out the slide. It’s pretty difficult still to play with the snow when he’s so bundled up like a sausage in a casing.

Max really started to grow a curly mullet and we were really hoping the top of his hair would fill in before we had to do the first haircut but it never happened. So we had to bite the bullet and get the curls in the back trimmed. We are so glad we did. His hair looks much more even and nice and he looks like a grown man (which is kinda sad).

Max is really coming into his own personality. There are soooo many facial expressions that can’t help but remind us of Anastasia. He has quite a bit of her character and personality. It warms our hearts to know that he carries that with him. He is also exploring his relationship with Phoebe a bit more. He understands gentle touch and will pet her and lay gently on her side (though sometimes he can be a bit rough) and it’s really fun to watch him get close to her. She takes it all in stride and is getting more confident in kissing all over Max’s face when he gets close enough.

'Bout sums it up. 


Friday, January 1

Merry Christmas Membership

Hey all, 

The #SylvaBoys ventured out this New Year morning to set up and utilize our new Science Museum membership that Max got from Grandma Hooch and Papa. We had a pretty sweet visit, though it was brief. The attention span of a toddler didn't allow for more than a minute or two with each display. We settled on a couple of activities for longer but even then, a couple minutes tops. 

Overall,  it was a great way to ring in the new year as a family. Resolutions aside, we're all looking for a happy, healthy, exciting 2016 with friends and family at our side and the world at our toes.