Friday, October 22

Scary Crow Scarer!!

That's what I need. A Scarecrow. Does it scare away all the birds. Cuz me don't like the flighted animals! I am pretty darn proud of my scarecrow, I think he turned out awfully scary!! ;) 

My momma left me at 9:00 this morning. She spent the last couple of days with me and we had a blast. I love when she comes to visit and I hope she plans on doing it more often. :) We woke up Thursday morning ready to get the xmas lights on the roof! And amidst all of the CenterPoint appointments that Chip scheduled for me, we eventually completed our task. They look wonderful (hopefully the strand I had to fix today will light up now)!

After the xmas light job we earned ourselves lunch and a shopping trip, and shopping we did!! Damn, we are not good shopping partners...there's no restraint. That's not good! But, we had a great time and each got a few treasures to take home.

Now, it's time to get some other chores done around the house and relax for part of the weekend.


Tuesday, October 19

Somber beginning to MEA weekend

This morning I received the news that my father died in Arizona after spending the weekend in ICU. It's not a surprising bit of news but I have to admit that it is a piece of news that sent me into a spiral. I haven't been close to my father and I haven't actually seen my father in quite a few years. As much as I struggled with trying to contact him again after the many years of trying and trying and trying just that. I knew I had to try it one more time. 

I made that call last Friday in hopes of being able to speak to him on the phone, hear his voice for the first time in over 8 years and share my successes with him one last time. But, I wasn't able to speak to him. Don't get me wrong. I've tried many times before, just wanting to let him know that I'm happy with where I am. I figured he'd enjoy knowing that I was married, own a home and looking to have children.

This is where I stand. I made one last attempt and it didn't make it through. Now, there's no making that call. It just can't happen.


Sunday, October 17

Had a great weekend

Wow! What a fantastically long weekend. I can't believe how fast our first anniversary came around. It seems only a few weeks ago that we were stressing about the delivery dates of our linens and the arrangements at the winery. But, now that it's been over a year since we've had to worry about those things, they seem so trivial. I'm so glad of that!
We decided today that we will make it a tradition to spend our anniversary at a winery. Since we were married at one it seems only natural, doesn't it? Yesterday we decided to go out to Saint Croix Vineyard and tour the grounds and enjoy a wine tasting. They were delicious. We spent a few dollars purchasing a few bottles of wine and then we decided something else. Since we received a personalized bottle of wine for our wedding (which we saved until today) we will purchase a winery bottle of wine every year and save it until the following anniversary. So, we packed one of our bottles away into a box and we'll pull it out next year and see how it tastes. I hope it's better than the glasses I poured this evening. We tried the wine from our wedding day and it was horrible. Yuck!
Last night, we spent our evening downtown. Something that is coming fewer and farther between these days for the two of us. However, he made reservations at Fogo de Chao and enjoyed a dinner downtown. I have to admit that I was in meat heaven. I've never seen so much meat in my life. There were a few fatty pieces that I didn't enjoy but for the most part, the meat was delicious. I guess I'd have to admit that the vegetables and sides were pretty amazing too, but the meat was primo! After leaving, we decided that the cuisine was delicious but we'd enjoy spending our money at the Melting Pot instead. We both felt so rushed to eat some fo the cuisine and we weren't able to savor it like we did at the Melting Pot. Also, it's a place that would be more enjoyable with a large group. Maybe next time...That brings be to the start of my weekend. WOW! It wasn't expected. I received an email on Thursday night that sent my mind on a path I wasn't expecting. My life is in such a great place, I've worked hard to get where I am, I found an amazing husband that I enjoy spending my life with, my career couldn't be topped and overall, things are going so well. Then, I found out some news about the man who help give me life. Apparently he's not doing well and has spent the weekend in ICU. I haven't heard from him in a few years now and I have written him off, but then, I received an email telling me that he was in the hospital. At first, I figured I would just ride things out and see what happens. I've given it my all already, haven't I? Sure, but when you get news like that, what are you suppo
se to think? Or do? I suppose, you just have to suck it up and make sure you speak your peace. And that is what I did. So now I'm waiting to hear updates. Hour by hour, day by day, we'll see what happens.

Sunday, October 10

Babysitting Baby Ryder

Chip and I had a great time babysitting Baby Ryder while Valerie and Jeff went out on a date night. He was such a good little boy. Just a couple fusses and stinky farts and that was it. Otherwise, he cuddled with me while we watched TV. Couldn't have asked for a better night.

Thursday, October 7


There are a lot of moments in teaching when you wonder what the heck you were thinking. However, those moments are always balanced out by those inspirational moments when your students "get it." Today, I had an experience that terrified me to my very core. I could barely keep it together for me students and maintain composure. But, if I would have lost it, they certainly would have lost it.

For an hour today, at the very end of the school day, we were in lockdown. I have to say, after all the practices and making sure that the students know their job, I know why we do it. We were in the middle of bussing procedures today and we had an all call for "immediate lockdown!" I only had 3 boys left in my room and they knew exactly what to do. (That's one of those moments when you know you've done your job!) I have to say, that in my heart, I knew something was not okay. We started our day on a lockdown 'with warning' because of a threat made to a student at our high school which is just next door. I felt okay. But, as you sit there, in silence, thinking and thinking and thinking and not know anything of what's going on, your mind begins to wander and think of things. I have to say, I broke out in emotion. I didn't know what was going to happen.

I was texting with another colleague, making sure we kept each other up on communication and I watched the 3 boys I still had in my room interact. Mind you, 2 of them can't STAND each other and the other was new to our classroom. But, it was the moment when I saw 1 of them rub the others' knee because he was crying, that again, I knew I had done my job. The sincere, honest compassion for the other student was evident in that knee rub. I may have been terrified, but I still love my profession!

However, all of this followed an amazing day at Highland. Yesterday, we had a school-wide planting day. This was the follow-up to a $5000 grant we received for beautifying our front yard. After tons of preparations, calling and organizing, we finally go things in place. It was fun to see our students working together toward a common goal. I'm glad it's over for now, because I'm truly exhausted and couldn't take anymore of the organizing!


Sunday, September 19

Good-Bye Lancie and Sarah Poo!

I had a great night with friends and parents. I'm glad we were able to hang out around the fire and chat all night long. All except my husband were able to make it through the evening...he made have had a bit too much wine.

But, we were loud enough to get the neighbors to come over, that's always a bonus. And anytime I'm able to stay up bast 11 pm is considered a marathon night for me. So, chalk me up for another marathon night!


What a cute little guy

Gotta love a family dinner!! I always come home fat and sassy. Today, we were also graced with the presence of the newest Sylva Clan member, little Ryder. He is just too cute for words. 

We had a splendid time chatting, eating, ooogling, eating, talking, eating...well, I think you get the picture. I look forward to a long Minnesota winter of family dinners.


Oh, and don't forget proud gpa!

Saturday, September 18

What's on my brain?!?

According to a urinal conversation at Kieran's Pub last night, since I wasn't going to the Twins game last night, not going to the Vikings game tomorrow and I'm not even watching the Vikes tomorrow...I apparently have p#$$y on the brain. "That-a-boy!"

Ummm, no! Sorry sir, furthest thing from the truth! 


PS - Excuse me while I go vomit!

Monday, September 13


My bad, I did forget to mention that Chip and I are going to be uncles again very soon. Valerie was induced yesterday afternoon and we're just waiting on the phone call that tells us little Ryder is here! 

Can't wait,

High life...

Things have been going pretty well in the Sylva household lately. I certainly don't think I can explain how lucky I feel or how well life is going right now. Beginning of a new school year, starting grad school and Chip starting a new job, WOW, things have been hectic.

My class has been a wonderful gift so far this year. I have been enjoying the past five school days with them. They are so giving towards one another, understanding, helpful and it's truly fantastic to watch. When young people have such a genuine sense of community at such a young age, it makes one want to share their story over and over. I have been lucky enough to have one other class like this one in my short, four year career and I consider myself truly lucky. Stay tuned for more on Room L!

I have now attended two classes at Saint Mary's University for my M.A. in Educational Leadership. I'm very excited to have this process finally started. There are many things to look forward to in life, and I look forward to the day when I have my M.A. under my belt and be able to better myself in my career. I'm not positive of what that looks like exactly, but there are many things that I can do with a M.A. I could move into administration, better my teaching or countless other avenues. :)

And last, but most definitely not least, Chip has begun his new job!! I am so very, very proud of him for his move in jobs. He came home today and was eager to share about his wonderful first day of work. I am so ecstatic that it went so well. He said that he really sees himself enjoying this new job and it makes me so happy for him. I hope things continue to go well and he continues to enjoy his job!

All in all, so happy right now!


Sunday, August 29

All dressed up and nowhere to go...

First of all, I'd like to start of by stating 2 things...
    1. I know I'm spoiled, get over it!
    2. This means I get to travel to see my family more...

Alright, with that out of the way, yesterday, Chip and I went to North Country Ford (thanks to our neighbor) and there was an amazing deal on a Ford Flex. Yep, that's the car that I've been eyeing for so long now. You either love it or hate it, I happen to love it!! This thing in almost fully loaded with SYNC, Moon roof (and glass roofs for the other 5 passengers), power lift gate, rear parking assist, dual climate, blah, blah, blah! Truly, everything I had on my list except AWD. However, I think that's the one thing I needed to give up to make the car affordable (and findable!). So, with our neighbor connection we were given the royal treatment and a great deal that we just could not pass up. So we didn't. After about 5 hours of waiting and finagling, we came home with my new (used) Ford Flex. I can't wait to ride in it with y'all! 

That purchase really topped off what has been a glorious, recharging final 2 weeks of summer. Going into my 4th year, I've never felt this rested and assured that it's going to be a great year ahead. We've spent some time with friends and even more time with family (which I NEEDED). And now that I don't have a mileage budget to worry about, I won't be soo frugal about going up to see mom or Jack or my other family. Which makes me quite happy!! 

We're still waiting to hear about Chip's job, he has a potential offer on the table and we just need a phone call to let us know what's going on. Hopefully we'll get that tomorrow (and hopefully it's what we want to hear!). Chip has been a bundle of nerves (and allergies) since he's had his interview, and for good reason. This will be his first (real) job switch. Which is a big deal and a stressful time. (Fingers crossed.)


Tuesday, August 24

Mosquito Land

We had a great night with some colleagues/friends eating, drinking and playing a few games. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes had to be too thick and we had to bring bocce ball indoors and it turned into Apples to Apples. Hey, we made it a great night!

Thanks all!

Monday, August 23

Garage Sale Boredom

I've been sitting out at this garage sale for an hour and a half and I haven't had anyone so much as walk by, drive slow past the driveway, anything! It's so boring sitting out here by myself, especially when I compare it to hanging out with my momma yesterday.

Oh, well. Hopefully I sell at least one thing today!

Sunday, August 22

Back to School

Last night was a great success. Though many of our friends and family couldn't make it to the 1st Annual Back to School BBQ, we pulled in a staggering amount of supplies that filled the buffet and filled my heart. Just knowing that there are such giving people on this planet and in my life provides a great deal of comfort. The idea was to donate supplies to Room L at Highland Elementary in order to enjoy a social evening of food, drink and people. Typically, my classroom is undersupplied, as our building budget isn't great and sometimes my families aren't able to supply anything beyond our standard supply list. It didn't matter how many people were in attendance, we had an amazing night and my students will be extremely grateful as the school year gets underway. Thanks again, y'all.

The husband and I also just returned from a week of traveling around the state, cabining and visiting. We really only hit up two different locales but we did stack on the miles. Our first stop was our friend Arae's family cabin in Park Rapids. A very remote location provided a peaceful weekend of staying up late and enjoying the company we were with. There may have been a little booze involved but I'm pretty sure songs were written, tricks were played, gators were driven, Wal-Marts were visited and jet skis were motorized! All-in-all, it was an exciting weekend. You'll have to check out a few of the photos to get the details.

Our second stop was at my momma's house in Alexandria. Though it was just the three of us, we had a blast! We played a lot of Mexican Train and drank an abundance of wine. Surprise, surprise!! But, we still had time to help mom with a few projects, hang out with Katie and Jack for a day, run to the winery and clean up after our naughty puppy! Hopefully she'll learn right and wrong one day!!

We arrived home around 8:30 on Wednesday night and were happy to be sleeping in our own bed! We spent the next couple of days cleaning and prepping for the aforementioned BBQ and that brings us full circle! We've been having a relaxed summer so far with a few exciting prospects on the horizon. A possible job for Chip and a possible return to school for me. We'll keep you posted along the way and hope to hear from or see y'all soon.


Thursday, August 12

Summer is drawing a close...

I'm finishing my week of RC 1 training. It's been a long week and I'm ready for it to be over. There are a few things that I have been refreshed with and I'm ready to implement this fall. The next 2 weeks are going to be filled with friends, family and traveling. I'm a little more than excited for it...

Don't forget, we're hosting a Back-to-School BBQ at our house on August 21st. Bring some school supplies and we'll supply you with food and booze!! See you there.


Wednesday, August 4

August :-(

I can't believe it's already August. Summer school is drawing to a close, a week of training awaits and then a couple weeks off....that brings us to workshop week! WOW! Time flies. I have to say, though, this summer is the smoothest, most relaxing one I've had since I started my career. I've been able to do just about everything I'd hoped - and then some. Things that have been on my list for awhile were stricken off this summer.

The end of summer also means sad news for Phoebe. She'll have to cut back on her puppy play dates. She enjoys them so very much and it breaks my heart, but when I go back to school, there's no telling what time I'll be leaving at the end of the day. She'll get used to her old schedule again soon and she'll be just fine. Phoebe is well loved and she knows it.

I'm excited to have a couple weeks off so we can make our rounds and visit the fam. We're going up to Alex to visit the Hooch and hopefully Adam, Katie and Jack will be able to join us for a day (or more, we wouldn't mind!). I've been checking out the pics and I can't believe how much he's grown. This reminds me, I need to make some calls and get back on the adoption wagon. I got us all worked up about a month ago and we sat down a had a ton of questions answered, not we've been sitting on some information for awhile and I need to make a couple more calls so we can sit down with a couple more people. I would like to get this process moving. My baby meter has been tickin' for a long time and I (and I'm pretty sure Chip has crossed to my side) am so-o-o ready to have a baby in my life. 

I've also been looking into getting my Masters program started. I would love to start reaping the benefits of that extra education. I have all of my application materials in order, I just need to make sure I'll be able to start this fall if I complete my application. It would be kinda fun (and stressful) to be back in school. I never minded my Education education, the heated debates, professors that drove me nuts, snooty classmates, ahh, the memories! We'll see about that soon.

And, at last, I checked in to getting Chip added to my benefits. It wasn't a big surprise that he couldn't be added, but I thought I'd investigate. Just another reality check. It was GREAT to hear that Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional by a federal court today, we'll have to see this one out in Supreme Court, that the battle continue!

And then there's my Noodle. He has been jumping into the career search circuit! He knows he needs to move on and into a big-boy job. One where he can find the respect he deserves and be able to prosper into a money-makin' machine, I mean, into a position where he feels comfortable and dignified! ;-) I'm excited for him to finally be on this path, it's time. We'll keep our fingers crossed that all things pan out.


Monday, July 5

Garden Update

WOW! It's looking great out there and it's only July 5th. I can tell already that I'm going to have a lot of fruits and veggies on my hands, so I'm gonna let y'all know ahead of time. When you need tomatoes and cucumbers, come to mamma!! ;-)

I'm a little hesitant about the broccoli. I have no idea what it's suppose to do, look like, where it flowers, when to harvest, etc. I'm just going with the flow on that one, just like I did with the brussel sprouts last year. But they never came! YIKES!

I've very much been enjoying my 4-day weekend. WOW! It feels like I haven't done a darn thing, well, I haven't done much. But, I'll have to go back to work tomorrow and get back into the groove. It's not a big deal, 5 hours a day and I'm home by 1:00. I'll make it through the summer on that, no prob!

The family is all doing well, mom (I think) is enjoying her early retirement at the lake. She sent me her garden (tomatoes) pictures this morning, which inspired me to go and photo-document my progress as well. Maybe as a way of gloating, I don't know!! ;-) At the end of June Chip was privileged about to meet some of my family from California. They are a riot so I'm glad that Chip was able to experience that. It was a little piece of my family that is similar to his. They talk loud and a lot!!

Adam and Nancy are wrapping up their beautiful kitchen project. I can't believe it's the same room. It looks absolutely stunning and I'm so happy they completed it in time for them to be able to enjoy it. There's no point in saving a project like that for when you have to move out of the house...

My new nephew Jack is cuter than ever. I just love when Katie and Adam put pics of him on Facebook. I'm going to have to make a sincere effort of getting to Cold Spring more often in order to see the little guy. He's just too cute to pass up. We also have some friends in Sartell that I have been meaning to get a hold of...I need to put that on my to-do list or it won't get done. I'd love to see their new(ish) babies too!

I'm sure there's a project waiting for me...


Wednesday, June 30

Still just a 'friend'

I guess the almost 5 years together, being there for the hard times and the good times, saying our vows in front of 100+ friends and family, the wedding rings and the reception to die for weren't enough to prove that even though our marriage isn't recognized by the state, we love each other and, by all other measures, are husbands.

We traveled 160 miles today to see Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Jesse honored in their town parade. It was a lot of driving for a 35 minute parade (in the rain) but I wouldn't have traded the experience for anything in the world. They are amazing grandparents and they deserved the honor they received today. Was the rain crummy? Yes. Was the drive long? Yes. Was the parade unexciting? Pretty much, yes.But all of those things added to the experience and, most certainly, didn't bring anyone down.

It wasn't until I heard about my introduction to some family Chip's friend. Gross. I have never felt anything other than part of the family, until today. I understand that not everyone will accept my relationship with Chip, I don't expect everyone to at first. Many people have their many reasons for objecting and they have every personal right.But if people aren't introduced to us as a married couple, they don't have the opportunity to make that choice for themselves. In fact, should they come to be introduced to us properly, they'll already have a preconceived notion that our relationship isn't acceptable because someone predefined that notion for them.

I just had to get that off my chest. Arrrgg!


Sunday, May 30

A spectacular weekend!

I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing weekend. I realized that we need to see our friends more, we love spending time at home but we need to have folks over more often. I look forward to hanging out with these amazing people again very soon....I hope!


Sunday, May 23


Yay! The garden went in today. We have better boy tomatoes, grape tomatoes, jalepeƱo peppers, bell peppers, onions, broccoli and cucumbers. I'm hoping that not having the raised bed this year will not affect our crop. I wanted more space and we took out the 4' x 8' bed. I think this might mean I'll have more weeds and I don't thing it's going to drain as well, we'll see how things go.

The AC is out today, tomorrow and maybe further into the week. I'm not looking forward to coming home to a hot house tomorrow. I want to come home to a cool, refreshing house after a long, hot day with 22 7/8 year olds. :-)

Wish me luck!


Sunday, May 16

Pooped puppy

My poor puppy is just wiped out. She had a busy weekend of scavenging, exploring, investigating, antagonizing, mudding, etc and now she's down for the count! I'm fairly certain she enjoyed every moment of her running around this weekend, so I'm glad she's pooped. We tried, for the first time, letting her off her leash for the entire weekend. We kept her training collar on her and she did a great job with it. There were a couple moments where I had to run out and find her, but for the most part, she minded her space very well.

This weekend I'm supposed to help my mother move up to Alexandria. She is officially retired, kinda! Her position was eliminated at Herberger's after 16/17 years of service. However, now she's able to move up to the cabin and relax for awhile. I'm excited to be able to drive up and see her this summer, knowing that I'll be visiting her at home, not the cabin. Hopefully she'll be able to get networked soon so that I can keep in contact with her easily. After all, she just learned how to message on google!

17 days left of school. WOW! This year seemed to go by quick. I guess they all do. I am certainly looking forward to having 2 weeks off before I have to start working for the summer. I think this is the first year that I'm not fighting the fact that I have to stay employed through-out the summer. I'll have a great schedule and 3 day weekends. I'm excited for that! I'll also have 3 weeks off before I have to start back in the fall. Every time I think about it, it seems too good to be true. :-)


Sunday, May 9

Mother's Day

So there was some good news delivered this Mother's Day Weekend, my mom finally got word on her job and should be done by the end of the week. It seems so strange to be excited that she is getting laid off but she seems to be happy about it and she seems to be ready for it. I say, "more-power-to-her!" My mother worked her butt off for the entirety of my life, and my brother and I have everything to show for it, however, my mother doesn't have much to show for herself. I'm glad that she finally has someone in her life that can take care of her the way she deserves to be taken care of. So retirement will begin early for my mom and I couldn't be happier for her.

I also got some good news at the beginning of the weekend;I found out I'll be working summer school this year!! YAY! There are many great things about this news, I'll only be working 6 weeks of the summer, I'll only be working 4 days of the week and I'll only be working 4 hours of the day. I'll know my daily schedule, without random calls and rescheduling AND I'll be making 3-4 times as much money as I did last summer!!! YIPPEE!!

Yesterday was the garage sale-ing day. Yep, it was! I went out and about with my in-laws and my aunt/uncle in-laws and spent about 6 hours of the day browsing garage sales. It was a fun day - cold - but fun. I only managed to find a few games for my classroom and a couple of books/posters. I think I spent about $5 the whole day. CRAZY, but true. I didn't have much on my radar as Chip and I have more furniture that we know what to do with in this house and it's hard to make decorating decisions without Chip by my side. We definitely balance each other out when it comes to decorating taste.

All-in-all I think it's been a swell weekend. I'm looking forward to a relaxing Sunday and I hope it warms up.


Thursday, May 6

The move

So, I was kicked out of my old webpage. Yep, they closed up shop to free subscribers, and you can bet that I was one of those 'free subscribers.' Here I am at Google Sites and I'm liking what I see so far. They seem a lot better off than I had expected originally. I was expecting things to be clunky and not personalizable. However, I'm finding Google to be a welcome, wonderful place. I originally made my switch to Google at the end of February when I moved from the iPhone to the myTouch. YIKES, I originally thought. However, the switch had been one of the smoothest transitions. I couldn't imagine a better place to keep my email, docs, pics and, now, sites!

I look forward to adding things slowly and getting the new site up and running, please stay tuned!