Sunday, May 30

A spectacular weekend!

I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing weekend. I realized that we need to see our friends more, we love spending time at home but we need to have folks over more often. I look forward to hanging out with these amazing people again very soon....I hope!


Sunday, May 23


Yay! The garden went in today. We have better boy tomatoes, grape tomatoes, jalepeño peppers, bell peppers, onions, broccoli and cucumbers. I'm hoping that not having the raised bed this year will not affect our crop. I wanted more space and we took out the 4' x 8' bed. I think this might mean I'll have more weeds and I don't thing it's going to drain as well, we'll see how things go.

The AC is out today, tomorrow and maybe further into the week. I'm not looking forward to coming home to a hot house tomorrow. I want to come home to a cool, refreshing house after a long, hot day with 22 7/8 year olds. :-)

Wish me luck!


Sunday, May 16

Pooped puppy

My poor puppy is just wiped out. She had a busy weekend of scavenging, exploring, investigating, antagonizing, mudding, etc and now she's down for the count! I'm fairly certain she enjoyed every moment of her running around this weekend, so I'm glad she's pooped. We tried, for the first time, letting her off her leash for the entire weekend. We kept her training collar on her and she did a great job with it. There were a couple moments where I had to run out and find her, but for the most part, she minded her space very well.

This weekend I'm supposed to help my mother move up to Alexandria. She is officially retired, kinda! Her position was eliminated at Herberger's after 16/17 years of service. However, now she's able to move up to the cabin and relax for awhile. I'm excited to be able to drive up and see her this summer, knowing that I'll be visiting her at home, not the cabin. Hopefully she'll be able to get networked soon so that I can keep in contact with her easily. After all, she just learned how to message on google!

17 days left of school. WOW! This year seemed to go by quick. I guess they all do. I am certainly looking forward to having 2 weeks off before I have to start working for the summer. I think this is the first year that I'm not fighting the fact that I have to stay employed through-out the summer. I'll have a great schedule and 3 day weekends. I'm excited for that! I'll also have 3 weeks off before I have to start back in the fall. Every time I think about it, it seems too good to be true. :-)


Sunday, May 9

Mother's Day

So there was some good news delivered this Mother's Day Weekend, my mom finally got word on her job and should be done by the end of the week. It seems so strange to be excited that she is getting laid off but she seems to be happy about it and she seems to be ready for it. I say, "more-power-to-her!" My mother worked her butt off for the entirety of my life, and my brother and I have everything to show for it, however, my mother doesn't have much to show for herself. I'm glad that she finally has someone in her life that can take care of her the way she deserves to be taken care of. So retirement will begin early for my mom and I couldn't be happier for her.

I also got some good news at the beginning of the weekend;I found out I'll be working summer school this year!! YAY! There are many great things about this news, I'll only be working 6 weeks of the summer, I'll only be working 4 days of the week and I'll only be working 4 hours of the day. I'll know my daily schedule, without random calls and rescheduling AND I'll be making 3-4 times as much money as I did last summer!!! YIPPEE!!

Yesterday was the garage sale-ing day. Yep, it was! I went out and about with my in-laws and my aunt/uncle in-laws and spent about 6 hours of the day browsing garage sales. It was a fun day - cold - but fun. I only managed to find a few games for my classroom and a couple of books/posters. I think I spent about $5 the whole day. CRAZY, but true. I didn't have much on my radar as Chip and I have more furniture that we know what to do with in this house and it's hard to make decorating decisions without Chip by my side. We definitely balance each other out when it comes to decorating taste.

All-in-all I think it's been a swell weekend. I'm looking forward to a relaxing Sunday and I hope it warms up.


Thursday, May 6

The move

So, I was kicked out of my old webpage. Yep, they closed up shop to free subscribers, and you can bet that I was one of those 'free subscribers.' Here I am at Google Sites and I'm liking what I see so far. They seem a lot better off than I had expected originally. I was expecting things to be clunky and not personalizable. However, I'm finding Google to be a welcome, wonderful place. I originally made my switch to Google at the end of February when I moved from the iPhone to the myTouch. YIKES, I originally thought. However, the switch had been one of the smoothest transitions. I couldn't imagine a better place to keep my email, docs, pics and, now, sites!

I look forward to adding things slowly and getting the new site up and running, please stay tuned!