Sunday, May 16

Pooped puppy

My poor puppy is just wiped out. She had a busy weekend of scavenging, exploring, investigating, antagonizing, mudding, etc and now she's down for the count! I'm fairly certain she enjoyed every moment of her running around this weekend, so I'm glad she's pooped. We tried, for the first time, letting her off her leash for the entire weekend. We kept her training collar on her and she did a great job with it. There were a couple moments where I had to run out and find her, but for the most part, she minded her space very well.

This weekend I'm supposed to help my mother move up to Alexandria. She is officially retired, kinda! Her position was eliminated at Herberger's after 16/17 years of service. However, now she's able to move up to the cabin and relax for awhile. I'm excited to be able to drive up and see her this summer, knowing that I'll be visiting her at home, not the cabin. Hopefully she'll be able to get networked soon so that I can keep in contact with her easily. After all, she just learned how to message on google!

17 days left of school. WOW! This year seemed to go by quick. I guess they all do. I am certainly looking forward to having 2 weeks off before I have to start working for the summer. I think this is the first year that I'm not fighting the fact that I have to stay employed through-out the summer. I'll have a great schedule and 3 day weekends. I'm excited for that! I'll also have 3 weeks off before I have to start back in the fall. Every time I think about it, it seems too good to be true. :-)