Wednesday, June 30

Still just a 'friend'

I guess the almost 5 years together, being there for the hard times and the good times, saying our vows in front of 100+ friends and family, the wedding rings and the reception to die for weren't enough to prove that even though our marriage isn't recognized by the state, we love each other and, by all other measures, are husbands.

We traveled 160 miles today to see Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Jesse honored in their town parade. It was a lot of driving for a 35 minute parade (in the rain) but I wouldn't have traded the experience for anything in the world. They are amazing grandparents and they deserved the honor they received today. Was the rain crummy? Yes. Was the drive long? Yes. Was the parade unexciting? Pretty much, yes.But all of those things added to the experience and, most certainly, didn't bring anyone down.

It wasn't until I heard about my introduction to some family Chip's friend. Gross. I have never felt anything other than part of the family, until today. I understand that not everyone will accept my relationship with Chip, I don't expect everyone to at first. Many people have their many reasons for objecting and they have every personal right.But if people aren't introduced to us as a married couple, they don't have the opportunity to make that choice for themselves. In fact, should they come to be introduced to us properly, they'll already have a preconceived notion that our relationship isn't acceptable because someone predefined that notion for them.

I just had to get that off my chest. Arrrgg!