Sunday, September 19

Good-Bye Lancie and Sarah Poo!

I had a great night with friends and parents. I'm glad we were able to hang out around the fire and chat all night long. All except my husband were able to make it through the evening...he made have had a bit too much wine.

But, we were loud enough to get the neighbors to come over, that's always a bonus. And anytime I'm able to stay up bast 11 pm is considered a marathon night for me. So, chalk me up for another marathon night!


What a cute little guy

Gotta love a family dinner!! I always come home fat and sassy. Today, we were also graced with the presence of the newest Sylva Clan member, little Ryder. He is just too cute for words. 

We had a splendid time chatting, eating, ooogling, eating, talking, eating...well, I think you get the picture. I look forward to a long Minnesota winter of family dinners.


Oh, and don't forget proud gpa!

Saturday, September 18

What's on my brain?!?

According to a urinal conversation at Kieran's Pub last night, since I wasn't going to the Twins game last night, not going to the Vikings game tomorrow and I'm not even watching the Vikes tomorrow...I apparently have p#$$y on the brain. "That-a-boy!"

Ummm, no! Sorry sir, furthest thing from the truth! 


PS - Excuse me while I go vomit!

Monday, September 13


My bad, I did forget to mention that Chip and I are going to be uncles again very soon. Valerie was induced yesterday afternoon and we're just waiting on the phone call that tells us little Ryder is here! 

Can't wait,

High life...

Things have been going pretty well in the Sylva household lately. I certainly don't think I can explain how lucky I feel or how well life is going right now. Beginning of a new school year, starting grad school and Chip starting a new job, WOW, things have been hectic.

My class has been a wonderful gift so far this year. I have been enjoying the past five school days with them. They are so giving towards one another, understanding, helpful and it's truly fantastic to watch. When young people have such a genuine sense of community at such a young age, it makes one want to share their story over and over. I have been lucky enough to have one other class like this one in my short, four year career and I consider myself truly lucky. Stay tuned for more on Room L!

I have now attended two classes at Saint Mary's University for my M.A. in Educational Leadership. I'm very excited to have this process finally started. There are many things to look forward to in life, and I look forward to the day when I have my M.A. under my belt and be able to better myself in my career. I'm not positive of what that looks like exactly, but there are many things that I can do with a M.A. I could move into administration, better my teaching or countless other avenues. :)

And last, but most definitely not least, Chip has begun his new job!! I am so very, very proud of him for his move in jobs. He came home today and was eager to share about his wonderful first day of work. I am so ecstatic that it went so well. He said that he really sees himself enjoying this new job and it makes me so happy for him. I hope things continue to go well and he continues to enjoy his job!

All in all, so happy right now!