Friday, October 22

Scary Crow Scarer!!

That's what I need. A Scarecrow. Does it scare away all the birds. Cuz me don't like the flighted animals! I am pretty darn proud of my scarecrow, I think he turned out awfully scary!! ;) 

My momma left me at 9:00 this morning. She spent the last couple of days with me and we had a blast. I love when she comes to visit and I hope she plans on doing it more often. :) We woke up Thursday morning ready to get the xmas lights on the roof! And amidst all of the CenterPoint appointments that Chip scheduled for me, we eventually completed our task. They look wonderful (hopefully the strand I had to fix today will light up now)!

After the xmas light job we earned ourselves lunch and a shopping trip, and shopping we did!! Damn, we are not good shopping partners...there's no restraint. That's not good! But, we had a great time and each got a few treasures to take home.

Now, it's time to get some other chores done around the house and relax for part of the weekend.


Tuesday, October 19

Somber beginning to MEA weekend

This morning I received the news that my father died in Arizona after spending the weekend in ICU. It's not a surprising bit of news but I have to admit that it is a piece of news that sent me into a spiral. I haven't been close to my father and I haven't actually seen my father in quite a few years. As much as I struggled with trying to contact him again after the many years of trying and trying and trying just that. I knew I had to try it one more time. 

I made that call last Friday in hopes of being able to speak to him on the phone, hear his voice for the first time in over 8 years and share my successes with him one last time. But, I wasn't able to speak to him. Don't get me wrong. I've tried many times before, just wanting to let him know that I'm happy with where I am. I figured he'd enjoy knowing that I was married, own a home and looking to have children.

This is where I stand. I made one last attempt and it didn't make it through. Now, there's no making that call. It just can't happen.


Sunday, October 17

Had a great weekend

Wow! What a fantastically long weekend. I can't believe how fast our first anniversary came around. It seems only a few weeks ago that we were stressing about the delivery dates of our linens and the arrangements at the winery. But, now that it's been over a year since we've had to worry about those things, they seem so trivial. I'm so glad of that!
We decided today that we will make it a tradition to spend our anniversary at a winery. Since we were married at one it seems only natural, doesn't it? Yesterday we decided to go out to Saint Croix Vineyard and tour the grounds and enjoy a wine tasting. They were delicious. We spent a few dollars purchasing a few bottles of wine and then we decided something else. Since we received a personalized bottle of wine for our wedding (which we saved until today) we will purchase a winery bottle of wine every year and save it until the following anniversary. So, we packed one of our bottles away into a box and we'll pull it out next year and see how it tastes. I hope it's better than the glasses I poured this evening. We tried the wine from our wedding day and it was horrible. Yuck!
Last night, we spent our evening downtown. Something that is coming fewer and farther between these days for the two of us. However, he made reservations at Fogo de Chao and enjoyed a dinner downtown. I have to admit that I was in meat heaven. I've never seen so much meat in my life. There were a few fatty pieces that I didn't enjoy but for the most part, the meat was delicious. I guess I'd have to admit that the vegetables and sides were pretty amazing too, but the meat was primo! After leaving, we decided that the cuisine was delicious but we'd enjoy spending our money at the Melting Pot instead. We both felt so rushed to eat some fo the cuisine and we weren't able to savor it like we did at the Melting Pot. Also, it's a place that would be more enjoyable with a large group. Maybe next time...That brings be to the start of my weekend. WOW! It wasn't expected. I received an email on Thursday night that sent my mind on a path I wasn't expecting. My life is in such a great place, I've worked hard to get where I am, I found an amazing husband that I enjoy spending my life with, my career couldn't be topped and overall, things are going so well. Then, I found out some news about the man who help give me life. Apparently he's not doing well and has spent the weekend in ICU. I haven't heard from him in a few years now and I have written him off, but then, I received an email telling me that he was in the hospital. At first, I figured I would just ride things out and see what happens. I've given it my all already, haven't I? Sure, but when you get news like that, what are you suppo
se to think? Or do? I suppose, you just have to suck it up and make sure you speak your peace. And that is what I did. So now I'm waiting to hear updates. Hour by hour, day by day, we'll see what happens.

Sunday, October 10

Babysitting Baby Ryder

Chip and I had a great time babysitting Baby Ryder while Valerie and Jeff went out on a date night. He was such a good little boy. Just a couple fusses and stinky farts and that was it. Otherwise, he cuddled with me while we watched TV. Couldn't have asked for a better night.

Thursday, October 7


There are a lot of moments in teaching when you wonder what the heck you were thinking. However, those moments are always balanced out by those inspirational moments when your students "get it." Today, I had an experience that terrified me to my very core. I could barely keep it together for me students and maintain composure. But, if I would have lost it, they certainly would have lost it.

For an hour today, at the very end of the school day, we were in lockdown. I have to say, after all the practices and making sure that the students know their job, I know why we do it. We were in the middle of bussing procedures today and we had an all call for "immediate lockdown!" I only had 3 boys left in my room and they knew exactly what to do. (That's one of those moments when you know you've done your job!) I have to say, that in my heart, I knew something was not okay. We started our day on a lockdown 'with warning' because of a threat made to a student at our high school which is just next door. I felt okay. But, as you sit there, in silence, thinking and thinking and thinking and not know anything of what's going on, your mind begins to wander and think of things. I have to say, I broke out in emotion. I didn't know what was going to happen.

I was texting with another colleague, making sure we kept each other up on communication and I watched the 3 boys I still had in my room interact. Mind you, 2 of them can't STAND each other and the other was new to our classroom. But, it was the moment when I saw 1 of them rub the others' knee because he was crying, that again, I knew I had done my job. The sincere, honest compassion for the other student was evident in that knee rub. I may have been terrified, but I still love my profession!

However, all of this followed an amazing day at Highland. Yesterday, we had a school-wide planting day. This was the follow-up to a $5000 grant we received for beautifying our front yard. After tons of preparations, calling and organizing, we finally go things in place. It was fun to see our students working together toward a common goal. I'm glad it's over for now, because I'm truly exhausted and couldn't take anymore of the organizing!