Friday, October 22

Scary Crow Scarer!!

That's what I need. A Scarecrow. Does it scare away all the birds. Cuz me don't like the flighted animals! I am pretty darn proud of my scarecrow, I think he turned out awfully scary!! ;) 

My momma left me at 9:00 this morning. She spent the last couple of days with me and we had a blast. I love when she comes to visit and I hope she plans on doing it more often. :) We woke up Thursday morning ready to get the xmas lights on the roof! And amidst all of the CenterPoint appointments that Chip scheduled for me, we eventually completed our task. They look wonderful (hopefully the strand I had to fix today will light up now)!

After the xmas light job we earned ourselves lunch and a shopping trip, and shopping we did!! Damn, we are not good shopping partners...there's no restraint. That's not good! But, we had a great time and each got a few treasures to take home.

Now, it's time to get some other chores done around the house and relax for part of the weekend.