Saturday, October 22


I think I've been doing a pretty good job of being alone. Of all the things I'm capable of, being alone is not on the top of that list. It's not about being scared or about taking care of the puppy and house on my own. It's just a matter of not having my other half. We have spent just about every day and night for the the past 5 years together. There's a reason for that. I love doing life with my husband! However, I'm extremely proud of Chip for getting this job and I'm excited to see where it will bring him. Even if that means spending a few weeks out of the year on my own.
I've been doing my best to keep busy. Thursday and Friday were spent with my StarrFruit and we really did have a blast. She encouraged me to do a craft night, so that's what we did. Off to the dollar store we went. For only $10, I was able to create a fun, simple decoration for the holidays. Yay! Holidays! During Starr's time here, she helped me put the lights on the roof. Since we moved into the house, MEA has been our light-installment weekend. So, the traditional continues.
Since Starr's departure I've been keeping busy by eating, teching out and watching TV. It has been uber quiet in the house and Phoebe has been her upbeat, sweet self. I look forward to my husband returning home, but for the time being, I'll continue my quiet solitude.

Thursday, July 7

What a life


Been spending the afternoon hanging out with my Noodle and playing games and enjoying life. I'm am so excited for tomorrow. The morning should go quick and the I'm going to meet my cousin for the first time. What a crazy idea. THE FIRST TIME! My family may not have been the most typical, but it's worth reconnecting. :-)


Monday, July 4


What a fabukous weekend we had. The shutdown rerouted our plans to Isle where Chip's folks have their campground. We had such a blast with the family all weekend long. Beach time, campfires, reading time, name it, we just relaxed! It felt good to get home today and clean up and shower the bug spray away. However, the bites don't lie....they still got me. :-( As soon as we were cleaned up we headed back out to some fabulous friends. There, we BBQ'd, played yard games and chatted it up. And we ended the night with a private fireworks show. A bit scary at times, but the boys did a great job. I had to cut the night short because I was literally falling asleep in my chair. Having such a fun weekend wipes a person out.

Happy. :-)

Saturday, July 2

On our way

The forecast looks amazing for a well rested weekend with the fam. Thank goodness for back up plans. I hope those legislators enjoy their privately owned cabins for the weekend. ;-)

Friday, July 1


You guys couldn't wait until next week to bloom into beautifulness? You have to start on the day I'm leaving for vacation? Now, you probably will look like crapola upon my return. Not fair. :-(

Wednesday, June 22

Tree of True Colors


This is my Wednesday's work. I have never painted before. Well, except for in high school, but that didn't provide any particular masterpieces. It was a lot more work then I had figured, but, when finished, I felt amazingly proud. It may not be museum worthy, but it'll do for the Sylva family room. I called it Tree of True Colors.


Tuesday, June 21

Shocking, I know!

I don't consider myself to be a scaredy-cat except for just a couple of things. Yep, those of you who know me, know birds is on that list. However, I'm slowly getting over that fear. Next, yep, storms! I don't like windy storms. I can handle some thunder and lightning, in fact, bring it on. But when you throw in wind or the mention of over. I don't like it one bit.

Today was no different. I found myself in the basement on two different occasions with my shoes, wallet, cell phone, flashlight, Xoom and laptop. All the things I need to track and communicate with the world whilst being comforted by my puppy. She did a pretty good job, but I did not. All said and done, I'm getting ready to make dinner.



Monday, June 13

Our Hard Work

Most of you know that Chip and I have been working nonstop to get our deck, patio and pergola up and running. Well, last night we celebrated (just the 2 of us) our progress. It's finally coming together and starting to look like what we originally planned for! The fire was beautiful and the patio, though not level, sits right next to it. Perfect!


Sunday, June 12



Enjoying our first night on the patio together. How fantastic!

Saturday, June 11


Well, it may not be perfectly square or perfectly level, but my husband and I tried our very hardest and did the best job we could. I'm super sad that it was too dark tonight to see it; we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it all complete. No matter it's condition, I have to say that I am extremely proud of our work. A first time for both of us and it turned out pretty amazing. I'm so glad that we worked side-by-side again and completed another project. We really are the perfect team! :-)

Pics tomorrow!


Friday, June 10


I'm so thankful for the amazing people I work with that are able to out up with my BS! So much stress involved with packing up a classroom and finishing out my school year duties, however, there are people out there that can understand the exhaustion, ridiculousness and necessity of it all. Thank you to those people, I truly love you like family,

Wednesday, June 8


Just spent an hour digging 4 4 ft deep footers and at the bottom of the third hole I ran into The Ring girl. After clawing her way to the top, without even saying hello, she demanded to see Starrsha. So, we gave her Starr's address and she hobbled out of the backyard gate mumbling explitives and "I'm gonna get even!" Then I called the Mothman to go over and protect Starr. Hopefully all ends well. :-)

Sunday, June 5

What a weekend

Chip and I spent our weekend working. LOTS of working! However, our backyard is well on its way to being a patioed oasis. Both of our bodies are sore, our fingers and feet ur dirty and we're so pissed at plastic bags right now! However, neither one of us can wait to see the results after this is done and over with.

Saturday morning started with me building my new raised garden beds. Once we had the right tools, it really wasn't t hat difficult to complete. Chip even showed me how to use the circular saw. I cut almost all of my own lumber. After they were done, we had to head to Menards to rent a truck to haul our own soil. Not all that bad of an idea until we got to the compost site and the loading bobcat was broken. So, we had to borrow the site's shovels to fill our own truck bed up with (the almost depleted) black dirt. However, at the very end of our loading process, one of the dudes at the compost site chose to use the BIG tractor to load a trsilor for a 'pretty lady.' Then we were told that if we had a nice rack and flashed our cleave, we may have had our dirt loaded too! That didn't sit well with me. But we finished our job and I got all of my beautiful veggies planted.

This morning started with getting a rental sod cutter. OMG! Way more work than either of us had in our mind. The sod cutting wasn't bad at all. Chip was able to fly through the yard and cut up the entire patio area. It was the hauling, digging and reusing that wore us out. We reused all of the sod to fill in the places in our yard that used to be covered with the Mickey Mouse ears that used to be a part of our deck. I'm glad we thought of it, as it looks amazing, but the labor was intense. We spent all day in the sun and the only time we were sitting was as we were traveling in the car running errands.

Hopefully, next weekend will bring updated photos of a finished patio! A lot more work ahead of us, but we can do it. Because we are the dynamic duo!


Worth it

My hubby and I had an amazing night with friends by fireside. We were so proud if ourselves for being inpromptu, and it was worth it! We spent the evening fireside with great friends having great conversation and enjoying our evening.

To many more like tonight.


Saturday, June 4

Dynamic Duo

My husband and I have earned a relaxing evening. We worked our tail-feathers to the bone today. Chip finished the deck off while I made my garden beds. Then, we spent a couple of hours on a wild goose chase for black dirt from Anoka County compost. They were almost out and their bobcat was broken. Yep, that means we had to shovel dirt at the compost and then come home and shovel dirt here....ouch!! Lots of labor. Plus...Chip almost broke his leg when he fell out of the back of the Menards rental truck. Scared the sh@# out of me!

Now, it's relaxing time on the deck and we're going to chill with a movie downstairs tonight.




Friday, May 27


Thank goodness the weekend has arrived. I can't wait to get there...I think all weekend will be Beer:30. The kids were bonkers today!

Monday, May 23


I wish not getting my job done in time would mean thousands of dollars in bonuses! But, in fact, it would mean I would lose my job. Hmmmmm, interesting that the people who create the rules and regulations don't impose any on themselves. C'mon MN lawmakers, quit wasting time with hate laws that don't help anyone out and work on the things that matter....aka...budget.


P.S. There are times I'm not proid of my MN roots. Here's one of them.

Sunday, May 22



Our basement has not stopped leaking since we got home at 2:00 today. We've tried wet-vacing and laying towels down. The best thing we can do at this point is wait for planet Earth to dry out a little bit. This is new to us as we've never had water issues before...wish us luck!


Sunday, May 15


What a full weekend of celebrating. Last night was spent celebrating the love and marriage of two friends, Adnan and Amanda. And today topped the cake off with our nephews 1st birthday celebration. I'm partied out y'all!

Saturday, April 23

Holy work-o-holic!

Yeppers, Chip spent the whole day working on this fatastic masterpiece. I had to go and get different lumber for the stairs because the stuff we had wasn't wide enough. Last night we decided to spend some time celebrating Earth Day together, so the work resumed this morning. He started with getting the stairs up and ready for Phoebe to be able to take her potty breaks. Even though she was doing a great job jumping off and back onto the side of the deck. Then, though I didn't think he was going to, he started assembling the benches that will wrap half of the deck. With only one little hitch in the road, he zipped right through and finished them today.

Next on the list is to figure out what kind of spindles we want and get our railings up. (So, if you come and visit, please be careful on the edges of the deck.) Then, a planter box will go in the corner of the benches and, finally, my patio can begin!!!

The Birthday BBQ starts soon....happy weekend!


Friday, April 22


I'm so lucky to have all of these amazing people in my life. I appreciate all of the greetings and feel absolutely lucky to receive the well wishes that I did today. Thank you and love you all.


Memory lane

Two little sausages frying in a pan. One went POP and the other went BAM!


Happy Earth Day y'all!

Tuesday, April 19


Chip worked his tail off tonight and got the other 'mickey mouse'  ear off of the deck. This means we are well on our way to having a patio. YAY! Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, he's going to start making the benches that will wrap the remaining deck.



Monday, April 18

More demo

We spent some more time tonight taking down the deck. I know the pics make it look like there is a deck going up, but they're deceiving. Hopefully we'll have another couple of nights this week to continue our project.


Wednesday, April 13

new term

I forgot that I coined a new term... Shesus! There it is folks, Shesus. I'm like a theologan, or something...just sayin'!

Saturday, April 9


Yay! I won a bet an I don't have vacuum and mop tomorrow!

Working hard

Chip got started early and ended his work about an hour ago with a sore body. He's been tearing down our deck, making way for our new paver patio. I have been excited for a paver patio all last year, it's finally going to happen! I think I'm most looking forward to being able to see the entire back yard from the back window. None of it will be blocked by the cumbersome spindles of the deck.

I spent my morning learnng about my Promethean Board technology. The boards aren't installed yet, but they're waiting in the Media Center. Playing around with the software this morning made it all the more real. It won't be long and my kiddos with be able to strut their stuff on our new board! Yay!


Thursday, April 7


So if the government wants to close down, I want to discontinue paying my taxes. Sounds fair to me!

3rd quarter

It's the end of third quarter and I was happy to enjoy happy hour with a few collegues. The huz is grilling us some turkey burgers and I'm enjoying some web time and a movie. :-)

Tuesday, March 15



This could be me in a few weeks. I've been told that a Promethen Board is coming to my classoom sometime by the end of this year a I'm pretty excited about it. I guess my spring break will be spent researching all the cool ways I can use it! Oh, and my Hoocho is coming to visit. I'm pretty oumped about that. I guess I have a lot to be pumped about!

Saturday, March 12


We bought our first Christmas present for next year. :-) That feels good.


I don't even know what to think if this. It sounds too crazy to be true.

From the CNN Android tablet app:

Sunday, March 6

Got it


So we went shopping today and we spent a little bit of money---ooops! Yep, after all that pining and whining, Chip bought me the Xoom. Yay! It's going to take some getting used to, but so far, so good.

Alright, back to playing.


Saturday, March 5

I give up

Minneapolis, your streets are impossible to navigate and I surrender! I'll park and wait patiently because I'm about to blow my lid on these drivers.


Friday, March 4


I'm pretty sure my short-lived affair with quality public transportation has spoiled my patience with my morning commute! Drive, folks! Drive!


Thursday, March 3


Ridiculously frustrated that my husband won't be joining me tonight. Stupid airlines didn't get him to his connecting flight on time so he won't be home until tomorrow morning. Phoebe and I miss him so much, just want him to sleep next to me.


Wishing I had a Sams Club membership right now...Motorola XOOM Spotted At Sam’s Club And Costco, Who Wins On Price? - SlashGear

Wednesday, March 2

I still don't think they did it....and it's still Apple. Though Apple is a great product, I think Google is keeping pace.


Well, I can't say it doesn't sadden me a bit to say that I'm home. It was really difficult getting on the plane this morning. Not because I was scared. Not because I was alone. But because I knew Chip would not be next to me tonight. This is the first night since we've been married that Chip will not be sleeping at my side. So, as sappy as it sounds, I miss him already!

Here I am, sitting in my recliner (oh, it's so comfortable), waiting for my dinner to finish, enjoying a glass of Vintage Ale (out of my new Samuel Adams glass) and catching up on my Ru Paul. It's an exciting life, but somebody has got to live it!!

Thanks to my wonderful in-laws (who today are celebrating their 32nd anniversary) for picking me up from the airport before their anniversary date. I hope they enjoy the rest of their night. Love you two!

Out y'all,



Sorting on the plane and I hope things are on time. My patience for idiots is running thin. Please people: read signs, follow the directions and use your simple common sense. Thank you.


PS - Minneapolis, see you soon.

Tuesday, March 1

What up Boston?

You have a pub, bar, Duncan Donuts or Au Bon Pain every other doorstep, but you couldn't squeeze in an artisans shop or fair trade crafts boutique in the whole town? Lame! I couldn't find a mask anywhere! :(


PS: Chip is getting some sweet custom Converse shipped to him!

Monday, February 28


Boston's nightlife kicked my butt. I'm still feeling it. And now we're off to Samuel Adams. Yikes!


Sunday, February 27