Monday, January 10

Apple Valley is WAAAYY out there

So, I have to say that maybe I'm missing a safety sensor cuz on my way home, I didn't notice anything wrong with the roads. However, I passed many drivers who'd spun out, made it in the ditch or, for some reason or another, were pulled over in the snow with their flashers on. I don't know what I was missing, but I just kept getting mad at the drivers going 40.

On a similar note, I know I get a lot of guff from my coworkers for living 'in the sticks' but there's something to say about us suburbanites. We have driveways (and we use them), our streets, underpasses, overpasses and highways are well lit, our plows clear our roads in a timely manner AND most of us know how to drive when a snowflake falls!

'Nough said!