Monday, February 28


Boston's nightlife kicked my butt. I'm still feeling it. And now we're off to Samuel Adams. Yikes!


Sunday, February 27


Yum. The beer was delicious! But everybody called me "bud?" Hmmmm

Boston'a Hancock

Charming views from the Prudential Building...oh, and a strong cocktail. :)

Having a blast.


My husband...

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I think this was his culminating experience from the Mary Baker Eddy Library...lots of learning!


Saturday, February 26


This was my first site upon exiting the blue line. Only glitch was a 20 minute delay at the Milwaukee airport. Not bad. The public transportation here it fantastic and our hotel room is quaint and cute. It's also in the heart of EVERYTHING!

So far, lovin' it!


Boston bound


Thursday, February 24

Maybe one day....Motorola Xoom: The Unboxing | News & Opinion

Motorola Xoom: The Unboxing

Motorola Xoom Box

The Motorola Xoom is the first device to ship with Android 3.0—Google's first operating system designed specifically for tablets. It's being tested in the PCMag labs right now, so look for the full review for our take on the device, but until then we've got plenty of photos of the Xoom, its packaging, and some of its accessories.

The accessories included in the slideshow are the Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard, Standard Dock, Speaker HD Dock and Portfolio Case. Pricing for these items has yet to be announced.

There's not much in the box with the Motorola Xoom: just a micro-USB cable, a proprietary charging cable and some documentation. Not all parts of the Motorola Xoom are fully functional yet—the microSD memory slot doesn't work, and the 4G cellualar radio is not built into the device. (Motorola says it will be upgraded for free, though since it's hardware we have no idea how that's actually going to happen.) Motorola included plastic place holders in place of a 4G SIM card and microSD card (see the slideshow for more).

The included media dock is very straightforward—it connects to a monitor via micro-HDMI, and mirrors what is on the Motorola Xoom's screen. Both screens remain on and at a resolution of 1,280 by 800 pixels.

I've included a few shots of the Xoom next to my Motorola Droid, to give a perspective on its size. The 10.1-inch LCD dwarfs the 3.7-inch Droid, but the tablet isn't much deeper.

To showcase Android 3.0, I threw in some close ups of the dedicated multitasking button and the notification area. These two features have been retooled to take advantage of higher-resolution/larger displays that Android 3.0 is designed for.

For more information, check out our Motorola Xoom review.

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Wednesday, February 23

Apple iPad 2 Launch an Attempt to Spoil Motorola Xoom Debut - Mobile and Wireless - News & Reviews

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Apple iPad 2 Launch an Attempt to Spoil Motorola Xoom Debut
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The announcement by Verizon Wireless that the Xoom would ship on Feb. 24 was followed almost immediately by an invitation by Apple to a press announcement in San Francisco on March 2. Considering the splash that the Xoom is making in the tablet markets before it has even been launched, this is no surprise. 

The Xoom, with its collection of new features that the iPad doesn’t have and with capabilities that haven’t even been touched on in discussions about the iPad, makes the iPad look decidedly dated. 

While there’s little question that the March 2 announcement will be for the iPad 2, there are still plenty of questions as to what that announcement will entail. Will there be a Secure Digital slot in the iPad 2? Will there be dual cameras? Will there be a better and bigger display? The press invitation only says: “Come see what 2011 will be the year of.” 

Rob Pegoraro, writing in the Washington Post, said that since this is officially the Year of the Rabbit in China, perhaps it’s a signal that the iPad 2 will change its name. Or perhaps it’s because Rabbit kinda sorta rhymes with tablet. Personally I think that’s a stretch. Apple will probably declare that 2011 is the “Year of the Tablet” which is something we’ve already said here, and plenty of others have already said elsewhere. 

But beyond officially declaring it a year to be “of” something, what will the new iPad be like? It will probably be a lot like the iPad 1. I’d be very surprised if it was different in major dimensions, although it’s supposed to be thinner. There will be two cameras, one for taking photos and HD video and one facing the user for video chats. The display will apparently be somewhat higher resolution than the current display although it won’t be Apple’s Retina display such as what’s on the iPhone 4. One would hope there will be an SD slot, but who knows? 

The biggest change for the iPad is that the 3G version will apparently be available from Verizon Wireless in a CDMA version, according to an interview in Bloomberg News. Whether that means that all iPads will come with both GSM and CDMA capability is an open question. 

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