Tuesday, March 15



This could be me in a few weeks. I've been told that a Promethen Board is coming to my classoom sometime by the end of this year a I'm pretty excited about it. I guess my spring break will be spent researching all the cool ways I can use it! Oh, and my Hoocho is coming to visit. I'm pretty oumped about that. I guess I have a lot to be pumped about!

Saturday, March 12


We bought our first Christmas present for next year. :-) That feels good.


I don't even know what to think if this. It sounds too crazy to be true.

From the CNN Android tablet app:


Sunday, March 6

Got it


So we went shopping today and we spent a little bit of money---ooops! Yep, after all that pining and whining, Chip bought me the Xoom. Yay! It's going to take some getting used to, but so far, so good.

Alright, back to playing.


Saturday, March 5

I give up

Minneapolis, your streets are impossible to navigate and I surrender! I'll park and wait patiently because I'm about to blow my lid on these drivers.


Friday, March 4


I'm pretty sure my short-lived affair with quality public transportation has spoiled my patience with my morning commute! Drive, folks! Drive!


Thursday, March 3


Ridiculously frustrated that my husband won't be joining me tonight. Stupid airlines didn't get him to his connecting flight on time so he won't be home until tomorrow morning. Phoebe and I miss him so much, just want him to sleep next to me.


Wishing I had a Sams Club membership right now...Motorola XOOM Spotted At Sam’s Club And Costco, Who Wins On Price? - SlashGear

Wednesday, March 2

I still don't think they did it....and it's still Apple. Though Apple is a great product, I think Google is keeping pace.


Well, I can't say it doesn't sadden me a bit to say that I'm home. It was really difficult getting on the plane this morning. Not because I was scared. Not because I was alone. But because I knew Chip would not be next to me tonight. This is the first night since we've been married that Chip will not be sleeping at my side. So, as sappy as it sounds, I miss him already!

Here I am, sitting in my recliner (oh, it's so comfortable), waiting for my dinner to finish, enjoying a glass of Vintage Ale (out of my new Samuel Adams glass) and catching up on my Ru Paul. It's an exciting life, but somebody has got to live it!!

Thanks to my wonderful in-laws (who today are celebrating their 32nd anniversary) for picking me up from the airport before their anniversary date. I hope they enjoy the rest of their night. Love you two!

Out y'all,



Sorting on the plane and I hope things are on time. My patience for idiots is running thin. Please people: read signs, follow the directions and use your simple common sense. Thank you.


PS - Minneapolis, see you soon.

Tuesday, March 1

What up Boston?

You have a pub, bar, Duncan Donuts or Au Bon Pain every other doorstep, but you couldn't squeeze in an artisans shop or fair trade crafts boutique in the whole town? Lame! I couldn't find a mask anywhere! :(


PS: Chip is getting some sweet custom Converse shipped to him!