Wednesday, March 2


Well, I can't say it doesn't sadden me a bit to say that I'm home. It was really difficult getting on the plane this morning. Not because I was scared. Not because I was alone. But because I knew Chip would not be next to me tonight. This is the first night since we've been married that Chip will not be sleeping at my side. So, as sappy as it sounds, I miss him already!

Here I am, sitting in my recliner (oh, it's so comfortable), waiting for my dinner to finish, enjoying a glass of Vintage Ale (out of my new Samuel Adams glass) and catching up on my Ru Paul. It's an exciting life, but somebody has got to live it!!

Thanks to my wonderful in-laws (who today are celebrating their 32nd anniversary) for picking me up from the airport before their anniversary date. I hope they enjoy the rest of their night. Love you two!

Out y'all,