Saturday, April 23

Holy work-o-holic!

Yeppers, Chip spent the whole day working on this fatastic masterpiece. I had to go and get different lumber for the stairs because the stuff we had wasn't wide enough. Last night we decided to spend some time celebrating Earth Day together, so the work resumed this morning. He started with getting the stairs up and ready for Phoebe to be able to take her potty breaks. Even though she was doing a great job jumping off and back onto the side of the deck. Then, though I didn't think he was going to, he started assembling the benches that will wrap half of the deck. With only one little hitch in the road, he zipped right through and finished them today.

Next on the list is to figure out what kind of spindles we want and get our railings up. (So, if you come and visit, please be careful on the edges of the deck.) Then, a planter box will go in the corner of the benches and, finally, my patio can begin!!!

The Birthday BBQ starts soon....happy weekend!


Friday, April 22


I'm so lucky to have all of these amazing people in my life. I appreciate all of the greetings and feel absolutely lucky to receive the well wishes that I did today. Thank you and love you all.


Memory lane

Two little sausages frying in a pan. One went POP and the other went BAM!


Happy Earth Day y'all!

Tuesday, April 19


Chip worked his tail off tonight and got the other 'mickey mouse'  ear off of the deck. This means we are well on our way to having a patio. YAY! Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, he's going to start making the benches that will wrap the remaining deck.



Monday, April 18

More demo

We spent some more time tonight taking down the deck. I know the pics make it look like there is a deck going up, but they're deceiving. Hopefully we'll have another couple of nights this week to continue our project.


Wednesday, April 13

new term

I forgot that I coined a new term... Shesus! There it is folks, Shesus. I'm like a theologan, or something...just sayin'!

Saturday, April 9


Yay! I won a bet an I don't have vacuum and mop tomorrow!

Working hard

Chip got started early and ended his work about an hour ago with a sore body. He's been tearing down our deck, making way for our new paver patio. I have been excited for a paver patio all last year, it's finally going to happen! I think I'm most looking forward to being able to see the entire back yard from the back window. None of it will be blocked by the cumbersome spindles of the deck.

I spent my morning learnng about my Promethean Board technology. The boards aren't installed yet, but they're waiting in the Media Center. Playing around with the software this morning made it all the more real. It won't be long and my kiddos with be able to strut their stuff on our new board! Yay!


Thursday, April 7


So if the government wants to close down, I want to discontinue paying my taxes. Sounds fair to me!

3rd quarter

It's the end of third quarter and I was happy to enjoy happy hour with a few collegues. The huz is grilling us some turkey burgers and I'm enjoying some web time and a movie. :-)