Saturday, April 23

Holy work-o-holic!

Yeppers, Chip spent the whole day working on this fatastic masterpiece. I had to go and get different lumber for the stairs because the stuff we had wasn't wide enough. Last night we decided to spend some time celebrating Earth Day together, so the work resumed this morning. He started with getting the stairs up and ready for Phoebe to be able to take her potty breaks. Even though she was doing a great job jumping off and back onto the side of the deck. Then, though I didn't think he was going to, he started assembling the benches that will wrap half of the deck. With only one little hitch in the road, he zipped right through and finished them today.

Next on the list is to figure out what kind of spindles we want and get our railings up. (So, if you come and visit, please be careful on the edges of the deck.) Then, a planter box will go in the corner of the benches and, finally, my patio can begin!!!

The Birthday BBQ starts soon....happy weekend!