Friday, May 27


Thank goodness the weekend has arrived. I can't wait to get there...I think all weekend will be Beer:30. The kids were bonkers today!

Monday, May 23


I wish not getting my job done in time would mean thousands of dollars in bonuses! But, in fact, it would mean I would lose my job. Hmmmmm, interesting that the people who create the rules and regulations don't impose any on themselves. C'mon MN lawmakers, quit wasting time with hate laws that don't help anyone out and work on the things that matter....aka...budget.


P.S. There are times I'm not proid of my MN roots. Here's one of them.

Sunday, May 22



Our basement has not stopped leaking since we got home at 2:00 today. We've tried wet-vacing and laying towels down. The best thing we can do at this point is wait for planet Earth to dry out a little bit. This is new to us as we've never had water issues before...wish us luck!


Sunday, May 15


What a full weekend of celebrating. Last night was spent celebrating the love and marriage of two friends, Adnan and Amanda. And today topped the cake off with our nephews 1st birthday celebration. I'm partied out y'all!