Sunday, June 5

What a weekend

Chip and I spent our weekend working. LOTS of working! However, our backyard is well on its way to being a patioed oasis. Both of our bodies are sore, our fingers and feet ur dirty and we're so pissed at plastic bags right now! However, neither one of us can wait to see the results after this is done and over with.

Saturday morning started with me building my new raised garden beds. Once we had the right tools, it really wasn't t hat difficult to complete. Chip even showed me how to use the circular saw. I cut almost all of my own lumber. After they were done, we had to head to Menards to rent a truck to haul our own soil. Not all that bad of an idea until we got to the compost site and the loading bobcat was broken. So, we had to borrow the site's shovels to fill our own truck bed up with (the almost depleted) black dirt. However, at the very end of our loading process, one of the dudes at the compost site chose to use the BIG tractor to load a trsilor for a 'pretty lady.' Then we were told that if we had a nice rack and flashed our cleave, we may have had our dirt loaded too! That didn't sit well with me. But we finished our job and I got all of my beautiful veggies planted.

This morning started with getting a rental sod cutter. OMG! Way more work than either of us had in our mind. The sod cutting wasn't bad at all. Chip was able to fly through the yard and cut up the entire patio area. It was the hauling, digging and reusing that wore us out. We reused all of the sod to fill in the places in our yard that used to be covered with the Mickey Mouse ears that used to be a part of our deck. I'm glad we thought of it, as it looks amazing, but the labor was intense. We spent all day in the sun and the only time we were sitting was as we were traveling in the car running errands.

Hopefully, next weekend will bring updated photos of a finished patio! A lot more work ahead of us, but we can do it. Because we are the dynamic duo!