Thursday, July 7

What a life


Been spending the afternoon hanging out with my Noodle and playing games and enjoying life. I'm am so excited for tomorrow. The morning should go quick and the I'm going to meet my cousin for the first time. What a crazy idea. THE FIRST TIME! My family may not have been the most typical, but it's worth reconnecting. :-)


Monday, July 4


What a fabukous weekend we had. The shutdown rerouted our plans to Isle where Chip's folks have their campground. We had such a blast with the family all weekend long. Beach time, campfires, reading time, name it, we just relaxed! It felt good to get home today and clean up and shower the bug spray away. However, the bites don't lie....they still got me. :-( As soon as we were cleaned up we headed back out to some fabulous friends. There, we BBQ'd, played yard games and chatted it up. And we ended the night with a private fireworks show. A bit scary at times, but the boys did a great job. I had to cut the night short because I was literally falling asleep in my chair. Having such a fun weekend wipes a person out.

Happy. :-)

Saturday, July 2

On our way

The forecast looks amazing for a well rested weekend with the fam. Thank goodness for back up plans. I hope those legislators enjoy their privately owned cabins for the weekend. ;-)

Friday, July 1


You guys couldn't wait until next week to bloom into beautifulness? You have to start on the day I'm leaving for vacation? Now, you probably will look like crapola upon my return. Not fair. :-(