Saturday, October 22


I think I've been doing a pretty good job of being alone. Of all the things I'm capable of, being alone is not on the top of that list. It's not about being scared or about taking care of the puppy and house on my own. It's just a matter of not having my other half. We have spent just about every day and night for the the past 5 years together. There's a reason for that. I love doing life with my husband! However, I'm extremely proud of Chip for getting this job and I'm excited to see where it will bring him. Even if that means spending a few weeks out of the year on my own.
I've been doing my best to keep busy. Thursday and Friday were spent with my StarrFruit and we really did have a blast. She encouraged me to do a craft night, so that's what we did. Off to the dollar store we went. For only $10, I was able to create a fun, simple decoration for the holidays. Yay! Holidays! During Starr's time here, she helped me put the lights on the roof. Since we moved into the house, MEA has been our light-installment weekend. So, the traditional continues.
Since Starr's departure I've been keeping busy by eating, teching out and watching TV. It has been uber quiet in the house and Phoebe has been her upbeat, sweet self. I look forward to my husband returning home, but for the time being, I'll continue my quiet solitude.