Tuesday, June 19


I needed to do some tree trimming. I couldn't believe how many dead branches were up on the inside of the tree. It wasn't that they were hanging off and making the tree look goofy, they were up on the inside of the tree, hiding. Well, knowing how well my momma maintains her trees, I asked if I could borrow her extended tree-trimming saw. Today, the crazy hot and muggy day, was the winning day to undertake the task of cutting out the dead branches. Hot today, but worth it.

Even though we've had some considerable rain and storms recently, I figured with the crazy heat the veggies could use a little extra water and love. So, after taking a few 'proud-gardener' pics of the growing yum-yums, I gave everything a short bath. Needless to say, I but I'll say it anyway, I'm a bit sweaty after those few, quick chores. Now, as I type out my update, I'm sitting (stupidly so) on the patio, with a beer, continuing to sweat.