Tuesday, June 26

The Change....

I'm very happy (and quite sad) to report that I will not be teaching in the classroom next school year. Yep. Holy buckets! I love being a teacher and I love working with kids but another opportunity came my way that speaks to a different set of passions.

Next school year I will be teching in many classrooms. That's right, teching. I am the new Technology Integrationist for one of the elementary schools and the middle school. I'll be surrounded by technology, teachers and, of course, students! My main responsibility will be to support classroom teachers in implementing and utilizing technology within their current, everyday curriculum. I will also be assisting in delivering professional development.

I'm very excited for this coming change but there is a part of my that is extremely sad. I have always enjoyed (even in the tough years) working with 2nd graders. There are a wonderful age to teach and they've provided me with many great memories. Also, I have had the privilege to work among with best team of teachers that one could ever ask for. They have supported my, celebrated with me, made me laugh and made me cry. I will truly and whole-heartedly miss working with these 3 individuals. However, like I keep telling them - this doesn't mean I will disappear. I'm still in the same district and I still know where they all live!! Thank you H, S and C for some of the BEST, absolutely wonderful times of my life.

Change is a good thing though. Change brings about new experiences and opens new doors. So, here's to change...