Monday, June 25

Proud Family

What a wonderful, warm, welcoming weekend we had. I really didn't think we had much planned for the weekend, but once things got started, I found out I was a bit off. We tried to stuff too many things in our schedule but happy we made it to most of them.

Pride is an important yearly celebration for us. We don't exactly dive head-long into the festivities but we find it important to get out and celebrate with our fellow Minneapolis friends. Saturday night was our kickoff night. We met two near and dear friends at Stella's in Uptown. We were lucky enough to have hardly any wait at all to sit on the rooftop. Chip and I had never been and Chip found himself to be in heaven. He doesn't enjoy fish as often as he'd like being that I don't share in his enjoyment for such cuisine. (However, I do encourage him to buy seafood when we have grilling nights.) Anyway, there were probably too many options on the menu for him but he somehow narrowed it down to swordfish.

After enjoying (and I mean actually enjoying our oyster appetizers) our dinners were served. I was delighted they had a couple of non-seafood options (even though I really did enjoy the oyster app) because the blackened chicken fettuccine was delicious. All-in-all, the four of us spent about 3 hours chatting, laughing, harassing the wait-staff and having a few (yes, a few each) cocktails! It was a perfect evening.

Yesterday, we kicked off our pride-going festivities with bloddies and memosas at a friends house. What a great way to have breakfast. We then headed on down to watch the parade, which I thought didn't start until 12:00. Oops. The streets were PACKED when we got there and it was almost unenjoyable to try and watch the parade. We met up with Chip's folks, as they were volunteering (getting signatures to vote NO in November) and we spent the late morning and early afternoon with them at the parade and park. In the end, we found it was too hot to be walking around with our pooch at the park, so we headed home. There we just about passed out on the sofa from the heat and the go, go, go...

Today was a small projects, kinda work on my paper, garden, laundry (perfect weather for hang-drying) and social media day. Social media only because Chip and I received our photos from on Friday and I posted them this morning with GREAT response from friends and family. The photos are amazing and I can't wait to see the final product. A coffee table beard book! Happy to be home, enjoying the gorgeous weather and relaxing on the patio. Life is good, nope, GREAT! M.