Tuesday, July 3

Summer Lovin'

I always have a blast in the summer. Teachers get a bad rep for having their summers off, however, we take it in pay. The other nine and a half months that we are "on the clock" are in overtime and overdrive. So, I guess, if I can spend my days cleaning up my yard and weeding the garden and having wine with lunch, I'll take it...and love it!

Yesterday was a 'project' day for me. I had the challenge of trying to incorporate a new color into our bathroom because it's time to buy new towels. Chip is tired of seeing brown, brown, brown...so we've decided to switch it up. We found some beautiful Shadow Teal towels at Target and we brought home a sample to test in the bathroom. Well, they look great but would stand out a bit without something to tie it all together. About two hours later, I had framed up some of the fabric I bought for the hallway and it happened to have the exact same blue in it. Perfect! All said and done, I"m excited to find a deal on the towels and get them in the bathroom.

Today, even as I type, I've been working outside and sweating my 'you-know-what's' off. However, it so gratifying to be able to whip through the lawn, water, mow, trim, garden and play and know that air-conditioned comfort is only a few steps away. Soon, I'll have to head to the shower as I know there has to be weed particles in my hair from trimming and a layer of sweat underneath my bear-skin! ;)

My last thought resides in teaching and gardening. I was tilling up the soil in the garden this morning and noticed a few veggies starting to come into fruition. Literally! It dawned on my that it might be one of the reasons I love being a teacher. I very much enjoy watching things grow. Much like my students, I start the season off with planting a seed (and in some cases the seeds have been planted) and my job is to nurture the seedling to harvest time. However, along the path you get to see different stages of their growth and it's those moments that are most enjoyable. The product of manual labor, patience, love, water and a balanced diet and a fine product will turn up in the end. A product that many can enjoy and be proud of.

To teaching (cheers),