Wednesday, August 15

Twins Day...literally!

Chip and I are heading out in a few hours to check off a couple of 'firsts' on our list. We'll be hoping on the Northstar at 10:53 for our first Northstar train ride. That train will bring us down to Target Field for our first Twins game since they've moved. It's primed to be an exciting day spent with my folks (and some beer and brats, of course). And, to top it all off, Chip and I will look almost identical at the game. I'll have to post a pic or two...

There are a few other 'firsts' happening this week as well. Nothing too exciting, but I was getting tired of the same old meals each week so I whiped out a few new recipes. On Monday night we tried turkey and quinoa stuffed peppers, and they were delish! This morning I'm bringing a vegetarian egg bake to a team gathering. It looks amazing and I just put it in the oven. I'm excited for what it will look and smell like in an hour. And then tonight we'll be trying a crockpot rib recipe. Oofta, all these firsts are wearing me out!

The past month has been a blur. Summer school came and went, the garden looks a bit like "Area 51," as my cousin stated and my damn grad paper still needs five more pages. Jeesh!

A couple of weeks ago we welcomed our fourth nephew into this world. He's adorable and perfect, just like the other three. His mother, however, has been having some complications and has needed some assistance. We have been looking after the little peanut here and there and helping out when we can. Phoebe was extremely interested in making sure Bryce felt welcome and safe. The end of September will bring our fifth niece or nephew. We don't know which yet, but we're hoping for a niece!

A few weeks ago we took a trip out to Howard Lake, Home of the Wright County Fair, which is just about their only claim to fame! However, it did add another check on the list of "firsts" for me. I had never been to a demolition derby (and I can't say I'd be excited to go again). But, I went, I saw, I....left. The rest of the Wright County Fair was filled with yummers fair food and Chip's love for animals. Overall, it was a successful trip with lots of photographic evidence to prove it!

If we keep at this pace, I'll have to add to the list!