Sunday, January 20

Should've at least let Grandpa catch one

We enjoyed endured a blustery Saturday on Lake Mille Lacs yesterday for Grandpa's 80th Birth Fishing Celebration. We couldn't believe how quick the winds came up. bit, really, we did enjoy ourselves. The company could not have been finer, the accommodations were cozy but warm and the anecdotes never ended  Though no one was able to catch a single fish during the 'tournament.' there were a few doozies pulled out of the lake during off-peak times. I don't have a picture of Sissy's 27-incher, but she was happy to share with anyone who inquired. I also heard a few other stories about great catches.

Check out the pics for yourself. You may not find any fishes, but the wind pictures and few videos are quite entertaining. (You'll have to click on them to get videos to play.)


Wednesday, January 16

Lucky Charms

We're so lucky to have support from friends and family. Just moments after we shared with a select few friends that we were undergoing the process to adopt, we had our first lucky charm gifted to us. Our friend Starrsha returned from her annual trip to the West coast with a precious gem to wish us well in our adventure.

Then, a couple of days ago, Chip and I had Chinese for dinner. Upon opening his fortune, it couldn't have been better timing, his face lit up. His fortune read, "A small lucky package is on its way to you soon."

Now, these 2 little tokens are resting in the baby's room, awaiting our new arrival!


Sunday, January 13

Just a couple projects

We had a lot of fun this weekend while working super hard on a couple of big projects around the house. The first was a project that I've been on Chip about for awhile now. We recently purchased a new dining room table, therefore, had to move the old table out of the dining room. Well, the old table happens to have been a table that has been in my family for a few generations, so it had a bit of sentimental value to me. But I am a practical man (sometimes) and understand that it couldn't live in our dining room forever. It was old, creaky and not made from the highest quality wood. So, there wasn't much we could do with it. It has been sitting in the basement for about 4 months while ideas have been spinning in Chip's melon. Well, those ideas panned out well. The final product (though bigger than expected) turned out beautifully. It now has a home in our bedroom housing our belts, watches, PJs and undershirts. It's beautiful!

The second project was one that started tugging on our heartstrings. As our application reached its destination on Friday and is hopefully being processed, we have started thinking a lot about getting prepped for our little bundle. Painting was the number one thing on the list and also a pretty quick and inexpensive place to start. Phoebe's room has officially been converted to 'the baby's' room. Which means we are one step closer to being ready for an addition to our family. Chip had to put on the breaks because I wanted to get artwork on the walls and get things in place. However, it's difficult when furniture isn't in place. We'll get there. I'm sure there are a few more weekends between here and baby arrival time...

Some before and after pics...

It looks a little blue, we're hoping once furniture and artwork gets in place, it'll gray out. We'll be posting pics and baby room updates on 'The Baby's Room' page. I'm sure updates will land here, as well. :)

Once again, we had a great weekend and we look forward to many more preparing for a new arrival.


Saturday, January 5

2013: The Year of the Baby

According to the Chinese calendar I was born in the year of the Rat. Chip in the year of the Dog. If all goes well, the stars be aligned and the fat lady sings, our child will be born in the year of the Snake. We've been researching, filling out paperwork, going to classes and filling out more paperwork all to bing us to this moment. We are very hopeful that 2013 will bring us our first child.

Our current status reads that we will be soon listed with an agency in Florida. We are listing with an agency in the South because the need for adoptive parents is high thus we'll hopefully have a placement sooner. Heart of Adoption came as a recommendation from a couple we met through our social worker and we were encouraged to find out they placed with four gay couples in 2012. We have great hope that we'll be a part of their 2013 statistics.

Our next steps at home include painting a bedroom, repurposing an armoire and beginning to make a list of things we'll be needing and looking for. We are very grateful for the beautiful letters of recommendation that helped us start this process. And we're finding out gratitude carried through as we continue to receive such positive support from our friends and families. This has been a long journey so far and we're expecting to have a bit of trek in front of us yet.

I can't begin to share the emotions that stir daily as our process continues. I'm sure there is a word for it, but it escapes me ... However, it is best summed up by the look on our faces anytime the topic is brought up and we're allowed to share our current chapter in this story. Stay tuned...