Sunday, January 20

Should've at least let Grandpa catch one

We enjoyed endured a blustery Saturday on Lake Mille Lacs yesterday for Grandpa's 80th Birth Fishing Celebration. We couldn't believe how quick the winds came up. bit, really, we did enjoy ourselves. The company could not have been finer, the accommodations were cozy but warm and the anecdotes never ended  Though no one was able to catch a single fish during the 'tournament.' there were a few doozies pulled out of the lake during off-peak times. I don't have a picture of Sissy's 27-incher, but she was happy to share with anyone who inquired. I also heard a few other stories about great catches.

Check out the pics for yourself. You may not find any fishes, but the wind pictures and few videos are quite entertaining. (You'll have to click on them to get videos to play.)