Sunday, January 13

Just a couple projects

We had a lot of fun this weekend while working super hard on a couple of big projects around the house. The first was a project that I've been on Chip about for awhile now. We recently purchased a new dining room table, therefore, had to move the old table out of the dining room. Well, the old table happens to have been a table that has been in my family for a few generations, so it had a bit of sentimental value to me. But I am a practical man (sometimes) and understand that it couldn't live in our dining room forever. It was old, creaky and not made from the highest quality wood. So, there wasn't much we could do with it. It has been sitting in the basement for about 4 months while ideas have been spinning in Chip's melon. Well, those ideas panned out well. The final product (though bigger than expected) turned out beautifully. It now has a home in our bedroom housing our belts, watches, PJs and undershirts. It's beautiful!

The second project was one that started tugging on our heartstrings. As our application reached its destination on Friday and is hopefully being processed, we have started thinking a lot about getting prepped for our little bundle. Painting was the number one thing on the list and also a pretty quick and inexpensive place to start. Phoebe's room has officially been converted to 'the baby's' room. Which means we are one step closer to being ready for an addition to our family. Chip had to put on the breaks because I wanted to get artwork on the walls and get things in place. However, it's difficult when furniture isn't in place. We'll get there. I'm sure there are a few more weekends between here and baby arrival time...

Some before and after pics...

It looks a little blue, we're hoping once furniture and artwork gets in place, it'll gray out. We'll be posting pics and baby room updates on 'The Baby's Room' page. I'm sure updates will land here, as well. :)

Once again, we had a great weekend and we look forward to many more preparing for a new arrival.