Friday, April 26


I was delighted to find a familiar friend in the garden today. I'm pretty sure he came back to look over my garden and get things ready for planting. I feel so comfortable knowing there's an old friend who's got my back. I have a feeling it will be another bountiful year.
Happy Spring my Beautiful Friends,

Monday, April 1

Post-Laguna Beach Sluggish...

We sleepily returned from Laguna Beach around 5:00 am on Saturday morning. Not a wink of sleep on the plane but we were able to catch about 4 hours of rest once we returned home. Still feeling a bit sluggish but, as I reflect on the past week, I wouldn't have traded it for the world!!

The patio had an ocean view. And when I say ocean view, I mean, I could hear waves crashing all night long. It was beautiful.

My parents' hospitality was beyond gracious! Not only did they host us in their rental but they carted us off to piers and restaurants and harbors and golf and wineries!! We were truly lucky to be in their care. The first couple of days, I couldn't quite get me grasp on staying awake. I was quite tired and was perfectly content moseying around Laguna Beach and staying close. However, once Monday hit, it was amazing to get out golfing, zoo-ing, wine-ing and more eating!

My favorite day, by far, was our trek out to Temecula. It's SoCal's version of wine country and it is amazing. They have the rolling hills of vineyards and there are about 40 wineries to choose from. Well, we picked out 4 (and another to have lunch) and they were delicious! The wine was yummy and the atmosphere was superb. We'll have to go back again next year and try out 4 more!

Chip and I had a great time on our first true vacation together. I know, right? 7 1/2 years and it's our first time taking a vacation that wasn't associated with work!! Anyway, we look forward to many more to come...

Now, back at home, I'm alone. Chip flew off to DC this morning for a week of training and I'm home with my precious Phoebe all week (whom I missed very much while gone for the week).

Enjoy the pics...

My best photosphere from the vaca! (Click on it and you get the real deal!)

The rest of our wonderful trip!