Friday, May 10

35 degrees

Didn't stop my baby girl and I from enjoying coffee on the deck with this beautiful sunrise. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more of the same. Well, okay, we wouldn't mind a few degrees warmer.

Thursday, May 9

Dear Senator,

Below is the letter I sent to my Senator in hopes that he'll be making a green vote next week. Today was such a big day!!

I excused myself from a meeting today when the great news came through. I excused myself because I had to call my husband who happens to be out of town during this monumental time. I had to call my husband because he is the one who would know and understand the reason I had tears today!

Yes. I call him my husband and I have since the day we had our wedding almost 4 years ago right here in Minnesota . It was a beautiful (albeit cold) day shared with about one hundred of our closest friends and family in the vineyards at Carlos Creek Winery in Alexandria. I understand that I have no legal right to call him that but that doesn't discourage me. When I use the word husband, sure, I get a funny look, and sometimes a question about how that works since Minnesota doesn't allow gays to marry. But, again, it doesn't deter me from calling him who he is because when I use the word husband everyone knows the relationship I am conveying to them. They know that I'm talking about an individual who I am committed to. Devoted to. Share a life with. Someone I can discuss all the intricate details of my day with and he doesn't lose interest. Someone who I make serious decisions with like buying a house or a car or what dietary plan we should consider for our everything-intolerant puppy or what color to paint the baby's room.

And, once again, yes, I said baby's room. My husband is also the man I'm so excruciatingly excited to become a father with. We are underway to becoming daddy and papi to a beautiful baby. We've completed our home study and taken all the classes like anyone else who's going to add to their family through the wonderful process of adoption. We're currently just waiting for that wonderful call that will tell us someone is interested in us becoming fathers to the child they're going to bring into this world.

I am now ever hopeful that when that call happens we can say that not only are we committed to each other, as husbands, and committed to becoming fathers but that our child will have every legal right and protection that any of their playdate friends or classmates will have. They'll have that security because Minnesota will have granted our child's parents the legal right to call each other husbands.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I send this to you not because I think you need to hear every constituent's story but because this constituent is counting on you to make sure my child is protected. Oh, and being able to call my husband again on Monday (in tears) would be an amazing feeling!!

Signed da da da


Wednesday, May 8

Getting declined

I'm usually more embarrassed when getting declined is involved. But, holy buckets! I felt a bit guilty playing this word since I'm playing this game with a grade school age young man.
But then again...

Monday, May 6

Duck Hunt

If I hadn't ruined it for her, she may have had a chance. Those ducks didn't even see her coming. ;-)

Phoebe may be pretty but she isn't graceful. But, it doesn't matter. After spending all day away from her, I was happy to see her in high spirits. She sure did enjoy her time with her visitor, though. (Wouldn't stop talking about it!)