Saturday, November 2

Wait 'til You Have Kids

Oh, trust me, we've been waiting!

But now, we'd like the wait to be over. We're sitting at about the nine month mark of being on the waiting list. Granted, that's only about 1/2 of the average wait, but "Oh bother!" is my response to that. Heart of Adoptions, where we are listed, has been great with responding to my inquiries, so "thank you" to them. I'm sure they get constant emails from prospective parents about profile inquiries, but it's reassuring to know that they respond professionally and promptly.

Meanwhile, at the Bat Cave, we've been slowly adding to the baby's room decor. The process is terribly exciting and fun with a small side of sting. I love knowing that one day the room will be filled with cooing, diapers, bedtime stories, kisses (Eskimo and otherwise), nooks and spit-up rags. But, most of all, filled with love. (Whatever, you knew it was coming.) I just wish that day were soon.

We still have a crib (that's a big one) and a rocker (another big one) on the shopping list. We're fairly confident we know what we want, it's just a matter of hunkering down and making the purchase.

Today, Adan added the most adorable knobs on the armoire. It was an idea I had once we decided to fill the lamp base with antique letter blocks... At first I thought it would be cute to spell the baby's name from top to bottom on the drawers. However, Grandma Hooch's most recent delivery of letter blocks revealed some adorable classic cartoon characters on one of the faces of each block. Adan choose his favorites and went to work... We found that we had enough letters left over to spell our baby's name (whether boy or girl). So they're set aside for another day. I'll have to do some updating to the website soon.