Monday, April 28

90 Days & Counting

A speedy 90 days I hope!! I often call into concern our society's (including myself!) desire to wish away time. It just doesn't seem right. Why would you want to pass over all of the little moments? They're usually the greatest ones!
"Oh, I wish it were the weekend!"
"I can't wait 'til summer!" 
But I think I get it! 
The widget on my phone and tablet to remind me how many days!
The loop represents the amount of time that's past since we found out.

Apparently Chip and I are getting our information from the same source but are on different weeks! He's a week ahead of me. So the only information I can share is the same as the info I posted last week. Baby Sylva is about the size of a cauliflower, he's sleeping and waking regularly (Yeah! Keep up that pattern little guy!) and brain tissue is developing and his brain is very active! (Of course it is, he's gifted, don'tchya know!)

He's probably mostly brain!!