Saturday, May 31

1:30 to Dusk

You could say it's been a bit of a long day. A crazy, emotional, beautiful, tiring long day. 

Our day began at 1:30 with the normal routine, early breakfast and a trip to the airport. A couple of flights, some driving and very little food. 

Such a beautiful sunrise. Had to close the shade as it bothered my cabinmates. 

But then the day really started. After a short stroll on the beach while we waited for the room to be cleaned, we dropped our luggage off in the room and headed out to meet Nicole. After only a tiny, brief moment of sharing nerves, we got to talking. And then talked some more.... and some more. It was fantastic. Not a moment left open or awkward.  
Hot but soft sand. 

We left the coffee shop with enough time to locate the ultrasound office. And we didn't waste any time getting to business there. We got to see #BabySylva in 3D and it wasn't the tiniest bit creepy like I thought. He is such a handsome little guy and he was so cooperative for the technician. We saw his face, legs (one of which likes to be by his face), fingers, toes, boy parts, lips, nose and his chubby little cheeks! OMG... what an amazing experience. Ahhhh.... I can't stand it! 
Here's a tease. We're heading to the public library tomorrow to get more images off our CD and DVD. 

After that we went out to dinner and talked for another couple of hours. We had a fantastic time getting to know Nicole. She's an amazing person. So much bravery, compassion and intuition. We will get to meet her daughter on Monday... 

Now, we're winding down with a touch of class. Ready for another day tomorrow. 
Yep. That's red wine in a cardboard hotel cup.
Don't judge! 


Thursday, May 29

Excitement & Nerves

So we leave in about 36 hours for a semi-impromptu trip to meet our son's biological mother and to maybe get a glimpse at #BabySylva through an ultrasound. Ahhhh!!

It's all so very exciting and I can't stop thinking about it. Every day I get to work and my brain strays off to Babyland and it feels like it's doing double duty. It's certainly too busy at work right now to just zone off and putz around all day so my mind has to work in double-track mode. Oofta!

He's about the size of a cantaloupe, his skin is smoothing over and he's gaining fat. We're hopefully going to be able to make it to the ultrasound appointment because it will be such an amazing experience that we didn't think we were going to be able to be a part of. Meeting his bio-mother is also going to be a phenomenal moment. I'm sure we're all going to have so many questions and none of us are going to know where to start. 

Basically, he'll look like this (including the umbilical cord)


Friday, May 23

Flight Booked

Butterflies in my stomach as I just finished booking our flight to Florida to meet #BabySylva 's birth mother. Things seem to be progressing quickly so we've decided to make this trip sooner rather than later. 

Needless to say, all that is on my mind these days is BabyBabyBaby. I just keep reminding myself that we're as ready as we can be and everything will work out just as it should. 


Tuesday, May 20

Oh, I don't know!

So according to the emails we get on a weekly basis, #BabySylva should weigh around 3 lbs at the start of this week. The cute little peanut has about the same vision as what I had before Lasik (20/400) but keeps his eyes closed for most of the day anyway.

However, all of that said, his birth mom went into the hospital last week with early contractions and other concerns. (YIKES!!) But all is well. They weren't Braxton Hicks and it was the real-deal, she isn't dilating and her water is still in tact. The Dr. checked the baby's vitals and did a little weight check and everything looks great (strong heartbeat!) and he weighs about 4 lbs 7 oz.!! What?! He's either much larger than anyone was anticipating or she's further along than we originally thought. The Dr. also said that while she could go into labor anytime, Baby Sylva is most likely going to be a June baby! 

I think it goes without saying that both of us are on high alert and making sure we have a bag ready to throw together.

Hmm...I'm beginning to wonder
Keep ya posted!

Wednesday, May 14

Whoa! Scrap the plan and start fresh.

Baby Sylva may be here a bit earlier than planned. Our birth mother went into the ER today with contractions and what she thought may have been water breaking! According to the doctor her body is getting ready. #BabySylva is not dangerously early but I wouldn't mind if he stayed in a little longer to be safe. No dilation yet...

So, from what I gather, this is kinda how it is when babies come into the picture. #ExpectTheUnexpected #t


Monday, May 12

Squash Baby

Butterball. Nutterbutter

Nope, butternut squash. That's how big #BabySylva is today. His head is getting bigger to make room for his growing brain and his lungs are getting more mature. 200 milligrams of calcium are deposited into his skeleton everyday helping his bones to harden. 

I bet all that work is tiring. Keep it up Little Man... 

Thanks to all our family, friends and colleagues who continue to provide love and support. So very much appreciated. 


Sunday, May 11


Some more greatness happening today with a fabulous Mother's Day celebration. We were so happy to be able to host a dinner for our mothers that we love so much.

It was also great that the prep necessary was able to be spread over the week. Yep, a lot of prep was necessary! (Pierogies don't just happen out of thin air!) But only the frying needed to be done today - not bad!

We had a great day with family, moms, kids and grandmas... what Mother's Day is made of. I was able to try our the Chromecast Photowall for the first time today. It was fun to play with  it would be so much better with multiple people contributing.

I think the highlight of my day was when my grandmother told me (a couple of times) that she took the time to pray for our son's birth mother on her special day. She wanted to make sure that she was healthy and taking good care. :-)  While I don't particularly prescribe to that particular kind of "assistance" I think it's an amazing gesture. 

Hope you had an amazing Mother's Day yourself! 


Friday, May 9

A Day of Growth

That's right! My Lettuce is sprouting. Yay! We've had all this rain lately but we haven't had a ton of sunshine to help spruce it up. I'm hoping to see a few golden rays in our future.

We're getting ready for another busy weekend with friends and family. Tomorrow brings flower/vegetable shopping & lunch with the in-laws and a nephew's fourth birthday party. Woot Woot! Sunday brings the fun of hosting a brunch for our mothers. It's a well deserved celebration and we're always excited to grill delicious Kramarczuk's bratts and fry up some homemade perogies! Yum!! I can't wait.

Speaking of spending time with friends and family, what better way to kick off the weekend than enjoying a dinner with the finest friends available. I love heart-to-heart conversations and getting filled in on the latest details. That's how life is done. Enjoy your weekends y'all!


Tuesday, May 6

Barefoot, Pregnant & in the Kitchen

No doubt a difficult task. And I would not want to get into a scuffle with any person able to pull off said task. 

I was in the kitchen for about two and a half hours this afternoon getting some yummies ready for Mothers Day dinner. Pierogies are so very delectable and fun to make but oh my goodness do they take a lot of preparation. Granted, I'm not even pregnant! (Though, I've always said, "I'd do it, if possible.")

Last night I made the filling for both types of pierogies we made tonight. We have a cheese filling and a mushroom filling. Both oh so delicious! A treat any mother will enjoy.


A lot of chopping and mixing went into last night's preparation.

This evening began with mixing some pierogi dough. (A recipe that is sure to come in the Polack cookbook this winter.) Once the dough sits for a bit it's time to roll it out and cut it into circles. We use a wine glass to give us the perfect size circle. (Classy, right?) After the circles are cut they get stretched and filled. Finding the right amount of filling takes some getting used to each time. However, once the right 'scoop size' is found, the process goes quickly. Some pinching, boiling and butter-grease - they're ready to cool on the rack. 

After the right amount of cooling, the pierogies are bagged and frozen until 'that beautiful day' when is time to be fried in butter and onions. Once sufficiently fried, they're ready for consumption! (No wonder us Polish are an insulated stock.) 

Filling the pierogi.

A little butter never hurt anyone.... right? 
Let them cool. 
See, only a couple of steps. Not a big deal, right? And, for the record, I was barefoot.... just not pregnant!

Anyway, totally worth it! Yum. Just chilling on the sofa with the pup for the rest of the night.


28 weeks

Our beautiful eggplant baby!

Baby Sylva is now the size of an eggplant. He's sporting little eyelashes and starting to blink. (I bet he's practicing a smart little swooning look!) He weighs about 2 1/4 lbs and is around 15 inches long. His brain is also developing rapidly and is forming billions of neurons (duh!)

Meanwhile at home, Phoebe is practicing (daily) what it will look like to nap with Baby Sylva. Papi is looking for more and more projects to finish so we won't have to focus on those once the little man is here. And daddy checks in on Baby Sylva's room every day and imagines what it will look like rocking with the little guy in his arms. 

Delusional thoughts? Maybe. But the reality is - he's gonna be here soon! :)

Doesn't he just look adorable?!