Saturday, May 31

1:30 to Dusk

You could say it's been a bit of a long day. A crazy, emotional, beautiful, tiring long day. 

Our day began at 1:30 with the normal routine, early breakfast and a trip to the airport. A couple of flights, some driving and very little food. 

Such a beautiful sunrise. Had to close the shade as it bothered my cabinmates. 

But then the day really started. After a short stroll on the beach while we waited for the room to be cleaned, we dropped our luggage off in the room and headed out to meet Nicole. After only a tiny, brief moment of sharing nerves, we got to talking. And then talked some more.... and some more. It was fantastic. Not a moment left open or awkward.  
Hot but soft sand. 

We left the coffee shop with enough time to locate the ultrasound office. And we didn't waste any time getting to business there. We got to see #BabySylva in 3D and it wasn't the tiniest bit creepy like I thought. He is such a handsome little guy and he was so cooperative for the technician. We saw his face, legs (one of which likes to be by his face), fingers, toes, boy parts, lips, nose and his chubby little cheeks! OMG... what an amazing experience. Ahhhh.... I can't stand it! 
Here's a tease. We're heading to the public library tomorrow to get more images off our CD and DVD. 

After that we went out to dinner and talked for another couple of hours. We had a fantastic time getting to know Nicole. She's an amazing person. So much bravery, compassion and intuition. We will get to meet her daughter on Monday... 

Now, we're winding down with a touch of class. Ready for another day tomorrow. 
Yep. That's red wine in a cardboard hotel cup.
Don't judge!