Friday, May 9

A Day of Growth

That's right! My Lettuce is sprouting. Yay! We've had all this rain lately but we haven't had a ton of sunshine to help spruce it up. I'm hoping to see a few golden rays in our future.

We're getting ready for another busy weekend with friends and family. Tomorrow brings flower/vegetable shopping & lunch with the in-laws and a nephew's fourth birthday party. Woot Woot! Sunday brings the fun of hosting a brunch for our mothers. It's a well deserved celebration and we're always excited to grill delicious Kramarczuk's bratts and fry up some homemade perogies! Yum!! I can't wait.

Speaking of spending time with friends and family, what better way to kick off the weekend than enjoying a dinner with the finest friends available. I love heart-to-heart conversations and getting filled in on the latest details. That's how life is done. Enjoy your weekends y'all!