Tuesday, May 6

Barefoot, Pregnant & in the Kitchen

No doubt a difficult task. And I would not want to get into a scuffle with any person able to pull off said task. 

I was in the kitchen for about two and a half hours this afternoon getting some yummies ready for Mothers Day dinner. Pierogies are so very delectable and fun to make but oh my goodness do they take a lot of preparation. Granted, I'm not even pregnant! (Though, I've always said, "I'd do it, if possible.")

Last night I made the filling for both types of pierogies we made tonight. We have a cheese filling and a mushroom filling. Both oh so delicious! A treat any mother will enjoy.


A lot of chopping and mixing went into last night's preparation.

This evening began with mixing some pierogi dough. (A recipe that is sure to come in the Polack cookbook this winter.) Once the dough sits for a bit it's time to roll it out and cut it into circles. We use a wine glass to give us the perfect size circle. (Classy, right?) After the circles are cut they get stretched and filled. Finding the right amount of filling takes some getting used to each time. However, once the right 'scoop size' is found, the process goes quickly. Some pinching, boiling and butter-grease - they're ready to cool on the rack. 

After the right amount of cooling, the pierogies are bagged and frozen until 'that beautiful day' when is time to be fried in butter and onions. Once sufficiently fried, they're ready for consumption! (No wonder us Polish are an insulated stock.) 

Filling the pierogi.

A little butter never hurt anyone.... right? 
Let them cool. 
See, only a couple of steps. Not a big deal, right? And, for the record, I was barefoot.... just not pregnant!

Anyway, totally worth it! Yum. Just chilling on the sofa with the pup for the rest of the night.