Thursday, May 29

Excitement & Nerves

So we leave in about 36 hours for a semi-impromptu trip to meet our son's biological mother and to maybe get a glimpse at #BabySylva through an ultrasound. Ahhhh!!

It's all so very exciting and I can't stop thinking about it. Every day I get to work and my brain strays off to Babyland and it feels like it's doing double duty. It's certainly too busy at work right now to just zone off and putz around all day so my mind has to work in double-track mode. Oofta!

He's about the size of a cantaloupe, his skin is smoothing over and he's gaining fat. We're hopefully going to be able to make it to the ultrasound appointment because it will be such an amazing experience that we didn't think we were going to be able to be a part of. Meeting his bio-mother is also going to be a phenomenal moment. I'm sure we're all going to have so many questions and none of us are going to know where to start. 

Basically, he'll look like this (including the umbilical cord)