Sunday, May 11


Some more greatness happening today with a fabulous Mother's Day celebration. We were so happy to be able to host a dinner for our mothers that we love so much.

It was also great that the prep necessary was able to be spread over the week. Yep, a lot of prep was necessary! (Pierogies don't just happen out of thin air!) But only the frying needed to be done today - not bad!

We had a great day with family, moms, kids and grandmas... what Mother's Day is made of. I was able to try our the Chromecast Photowall for the first time today. It was fun to play with  it would be so much better with multiple people contributing.

I think the highlight of my day was when my grandmother told me (a couple of times) that she took the time to pray for our son's birth mother on her special day. She wanted to make sure that she was healthy and taking good care. :-)  While I don't particularly prescribe to that particular kind of "assistance" I think it's an amazing gesture. 

Hope you had an amazing Mother's Day yourself!