Tuesday, May 20

Oh, I don't know!

So according to the emails we get on a weekly basis, #BabySylva should weigh around 3 lbs at the start of this week. The cute little peanut has about the same vision as what I had before Lasik (20/400) but keeps his eyes closed for most of the day anyway.

However, all of that said, his birth mom went into the hospital last week with early contractions and other concerns. (YIKES!!) But all is well. They weren't Braxton Hicks and it was the real-deal, she isn't dilating and her water is still in tact. The Dr. checked the baby's vitals and did a little weight check and everything looks great (strong heartbeat!) and he weighs about 4 lbs 7 oz.!! What?! He's either much larger than anyone was anticipating or she's further along than we originally thought. The Dr. also said that while she could go into labor anytime, Baby Sylva is most likely going to be a June baby! 

I think it goes without saying that both of us are on high alert and making sure we have a bag ready to throw together.

Hmm...I'm beginning to wonder
Keep ya posted!