Monday, June 30

A Free Man

At noon today I became a free man! For the first time in 20 years I will have the summer off. It feels good to say (though I'm sure Chip is getting tired of hearing it).

I made a promise when I started teaching 8 years ago that I would find summer employment until we had a child. Well, since this is the summer we're going to become daddies (also feels good to say) this is also the first summer I didn't seek out any opportunities to work around the district. Summer sun, here I come!

This past weekend was a blast and a truly great way to enjoy summer in Minnesota. Saturday was packed full of adventures around Stillwater. Though, we thought we might have to postpone our day due to rain, the morning forecast (that was conveniently sent to us all at 3:42 am) showed minimal chance of rain until the early afternoon. So, took a gamble. A pontoon ride in the morning with crazy high waters and a restriction on making a wake gave us a leisurely 4 hour float around the Saint Croix River.

This would be 'pre' burnt nose for me

Since the rains seemed to be staving off, we embarked on our next adventure which involved a 4 person bike and 5 people! (Yep - my math is correct.) While it was a beastly workout, it proved to be quite a hilarious sight and allowed the delicious Barbera Cabernet Sauvignon to be consumed guilt-free.

My favorite pic of the day.

And Sunday was our day to celebrate #TCPride  We are lucky enough to have met a wonderful couple a few weeks back and were invited to their place for brunch. 
We kicked off from there to enjoy the uproarious parade where Senator Scott Dibble caught a glimpse of beards magnificant√© and needed to snap a photo. 

(From Sen. Dibble's fb page)
After the parade we strolled up the streets for a bit and took in the many many sights. We had a marvelous day and it made going back to the grind all the more difficult. But, we managed. 

Thanks for the great times!


Wednesday, June 25

That's Not Rain - It's a Shower

Whoooosh!! And then summer hit!

Mason being gentle with a turtle

Our 1500 mile kayak trip

Boys playing golf (or at least trying)

Thinking she's the boat princess again

We had such an amazing time with our family in Nisswa. Mom and Dad Sylva put us up in a cabin for the week. And by cabin, I don't mean a little room with four walls and a screen door. Nope - not this place. Enough bedrooms for each family, kitchen with plenty of amenities, a couple of living spaces, deck, screen porch, WiFi, pool table and access to a pool and hot tub! Yep, it was a great week!

Upon our return, with our golden-bronze skin, (well, Chip is more like mocha!) we were treated to a beautiful baby shower by some very dear, amazing, gracious friends family. The theme was Little Man and everything about the patio was set up as such! Table linens, lanterns in the trees, cloth napkins -- the whole nine yards. We were extremely honored to be the reason for the last patio party at their MN home.

Always there

Get it? Bow ties!! Isn't that adorable?

The patio was filled with friends and family who ate, drank and partook in a few party games. We couldn't have asked for a better evening.

Bobbing for nipples...heehee

These two were better at it

And when it was time to open gifts, our friends' generosity and creativity stole the show. I'm continually blown away by the people we've surrounded ourselves with in this world. They're selfless, caring and real -- and (as silly as it sounds) it shows in the way they gifted #BabySylva 

At the end of the day (and the end of this blog post) and find myself filled with excitement, thankfulness and maybe some sheer luck. Without a little happenstance in this world, I don't know how we could have stumbled into the lives of such great people.

#LoveIsLove (and it fills my heart),

Sunday, June 15

Flannel Cuddle-Time

#BabySylva just received another baby blanket and it's absolutely beautiful. A nice, warm, flannel rag blanket. So cute! 

This boy is loved. Thank you Beth & Paul. 


Wednesday, June 11

Tick Tock

Time has been flying by. There have been so many things going on; so many new baby weights and sizes and stats to fill you in on and a few gatherings and celebrations that we partook in. 

Oofta, I'm tired just trying to remember it all! 

First off, #BabySylva is still baking and doing remarkably well. We're thinking that a scheduled inducing will take place in the first couple of weeks of July. Yay! That's so soon. (And, yes, we're as ready as we can be.) 

We enjoyed a beautiful evening on the patio with some fabulous friends. So many laughs and great conversations. Chip and I are extremely lucky to have great friends in our life that surround us with love and support. And, a couple of those friends are moving back to MN soon after quite a few years being out of state for Dr. schooling! So proud of her and ecstatic that they're coming home! 

Obviously the Bell of the Ball

Pampered pooch


Sadly, another amazing couple and their beautiful daughter will be heading south soon. They're making a commitment to their daughter's education and that involves moving to Atlanta. There are a lot of unknowns with a bold move like theirs, but I do know there will be many Google Hangouts in our future!! 

The garden is coming in well and I look forward to my first veggie dinner with the home-grown goodness! 

And a (much needed) family vacation next week. It'll be our first all-week vacation with the Sylvas and I couldn't be more excited for it! We're going to have a blast! 

Keep ya posted.