Monday, June 30

A Free Man

At noon today I became a free man! For the first time in 20 years I will have the summer off. It feels good to say (though I'm sure Chip is getting tired of hearing it).

I made a promise when I started teaching 8 years ago that I would find summer employment until we had a child. Well, since this is the summer we're going to become daddies (also feels good to say) this is also the first summer I didn't seek out any opportunities to work around the district. Summer sun, here I come!

This past weekend was a blast and a truly great way to enjoy summer in Minnesota. Saturday was packed full of adventures around Stillwater. Though, we thought we might have to postpone our day due to rain, the morning forecast (that was conveniently sent to us all at 3:42 am) showed minimal chance of rain until the early afternoon. So, took a gamble. A pontoon ride in the morning with crazy high waters and a restriction on making a wake gave us a leisurely 4 hour float around the Saint Croix River.

This would be 'pre' burnt nose for me

Since the rains seemed to be staving off, we embarked on our next adventure which involved a 4 person bike and 5 people! (Yep - my math is correct.) While it was a beastly workout, it proved to be quite a hilarious sight and allowed the delicious Barbera Cabernet Sauvignon to be consumed guilt-free.

My favorite pic of the day.

And Sunday was our day to celebrate #TCPride  We are lucky enough to have met a wonderful couple a few weeks back and were invited to their place for brunch. 
We kicked off from there to enjoy the uproarious parade where Senator Scott Dibble caught a glimpse of beards magnificant√© and needed to snap a photo. 

(From Sen. Dibble's fb page)
After the parade we strolled up the streets for a bit and took in the many many sights. We had a marvelous day and it made going back to the grind all the more difficult. But, we managed. 

Thanks for the great times!