Tuesday, July 8

Just another manic Monday

I've officially been on summer vacation for a week now. Although there hasn't been much down-time, I have been enjoying myself immensely. From play dates and projects to impromptu dinners and gardening. Throw in a little grocery shopping and family time -- you've got the makings of my past week.

Oops...stopped at Dangerous Man for a beer and a growler!!
Thursday night gave a little startle. We were informed by our social worker that #BabySylva's birth-mom was en route to the hospital with what she thought was "the labor." We sat on pins and needles for about 5 hours - getting ready to cancel any and all of our weekend plans and ready to pop into the car and make a long, exciting drive. All said and done, our son is going to hold off for a bit longer. (Though we are both sooo ready!!)

BabySylva's first packed bag.

We held on to our Friday 4th plans. We entertained a few new friends with grilled yums, pierogies and some home-made ice cream. Also, Matty brought a delicious home-made potato salad....so good!

Games in the backyard.

After a little confusing communication, we decided to make our trip to see my folks over the 4th. All said and done, it made for an extremely relaxing weekend. A few cocktails, minimal housework and some lake time all made the weekend a delightful one.

A trip to my favorite resting place!

Happy 4th Cheers!!

Yesterday became my project day. I powered through quite a few tasks. Laundry, priming, grocery shopping, breakfast prep, painting. I'm sure there were a few other things throughout the day that I'm forgetting about at the moment. Oh yeah! I started the day with a morning run. :) #productive

Started the morning right...before the rains came.

Auto-awesome made the garden-guardian pop with color.

After primer and two coats of paint,
the Little Free Library is just about ready!

Still waiting for "the call." We'll keep you posted!