Monday, July 14

"OK Google - Navigate me to Florida!"

Love having guidance!

Summer as a non-working man is about to come to an end...FINALLY! Don't get me wrong, boasting about not having to get up for work and pretending to not know what day it is has been a delight these past few weeks, but the ultimate job is about to commence. Fatherhood!

Chip found out this afternoon that he was approved to telework for the last few days of our wait, so he'll be beaming into the network from our bestie's mom's home in Boca Raton, FL. We will depart on Monday morning (bright and early, I'm sure) and hopefully arrive in Boca by Tuesday evening. From there, we'll sweat and pace out the final days before #BabySylva makes his grand entrance.

On the home front, we're lucky enough to have family that lives across the street and only a few miles away to be able to check in on the home and water the garden. After all, I don't want all my green-thumbed hard work to be all-for-not! And a fabulous friend that will love Phoebe like her own for a few weeks while we meet her brother for the first time and get him ready to meet his puppy-sister!

This one grew a couple inches overnight.

First to start turning...clearly, it's gifted.

And on the support front, we have so many friends and family that have had our back since day one of this journey and we couldn't be more appreciative of those that have come all this way with us! Seriously, y'all have contributed to his adventure in more ways than you could know. And that's not to say those who have joined us along the way haven't aided us...we know you have, and we're forever grateful! We're excited to continue to share our story and have you as such amazing characters.

I hope you all stay tuned for'll be coming soon!