Friday, July 18


Our adoption journey has certainly had its share of ups and downs. And Thursday was no exception.

Our day started as normal with the thought that we would be leaving on Monday to meet our newborn son on Thursday. Our Rollercoaster made its inaugural, gravity-proving plummet to the ground when we found out our birth mother was on her way to the hospital and, depending on the results of an ultrasound, could have an emergency c-section. The pacing began. 

And the pacing didn't stop until almost 5 hours later with the news that all was good but BabySylva's amniotic fluid was starting to be depleted and he wouldn't certainly be making his appearance next week. At this point, we continued about our plans to entertain our wonderful friends for dinner with the thought that we will still leave Monday morning.

Until an hour later when we found out our birth mother would be induced Monday (if they could get her in) or Tuesday at the latest. So we needed to make our move and start driving in the morning. Eeeeks! 

With our friends at the dining room table sharing in the excitement and chaos of the moment, we started changing/making plans to depart our home in the morning. We were receiving calls from social workers, re-booking hotel reservations for earlier times, fielding the support texts and calls from friends and family.... Oh, and enjoying a delicious last meal at home. (Luckily, our friends thought it was delicious too, cuz they ended up with the leftovers!)

We're sure there are more twists and turns ahead as we embark on a 1500 mile trek to the south to experience the birth of our son. But, man, are we excited to meet him!!