Monday, August 11

Life and Death

The Sylva Boys took a trip north to visit more family yesterday. The itinerary included great grandma, great aunt, uncle, auntie and cousins. It was a fantastic afternoon and I'm very thankful to my brother and Katie for hosting us.

Great Grandma was thrilled to be able to meet Max while he's still so tiny and a promise to make more visits soon. I have to say, though, the smile on Great Aunt Rita's face truly made my day. To see her 92 year old face come alive with excitement at the sight of the newest addition to her family was a moment of pure joy, true happiness. We stayed and visited until her 11:45 slotted lunch time rolled around. During our visit, Max was flexing his sneezer diaphragm (as he does quite frequently) and Aunt Rita made the comment "When you sneeze, that's the closest you get to death." Though the rest of us in the room felt it bit morbid, there wasn't a voice in the room that chose to argue with her 92 years of experience. Grandma preferred to stick with her rationale for the sneezes which was that Max was growing.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent with my brother's beautiful family. The kids did amazingly around their new cousin though the energy level was quite high. There were a few moments we thought Addy was going to stream roll Max... usually right after she demanded that he remain covered with his blankie and then proceeded to throw it at him. Oh.... kids.

To each their own.