Thursday, November 27

Giving Thanks

The year 2014 has given the Sylva Family lots to be thankful for. It blows my mind to sit back and think that a year ago I had zero idea about the changes that would take place before the next Thanksgiving feast. This year, as I savor every bite, I think y'all know what will be on my mind and in my heart.

Mr. Max turned 4 months old and is in tip-top shape. He's running in the 60th - 70th percentile in everything and is the picture of developmental perfection. We're continuing to try and get him to flip his little booty over, but tummy time has been item #1 of resistance.

You know he's passed out when the arms go up!


Growing so fast

While it's technically the second time Max has gotten sick, the first time around was a quick couple days of stuffiness. This time he's been a mucus machine and all-around snort monster. We even crumbled and went out to purchase the most disgusting baby 'gadget' ever...the NoseFrida!

For those of you unfamiliar with this torture device, its purpose is to suck the boogers out of your child's nose using the suction power of the parental unit's lungs!! Iiiick! However, that said, it works amazingly!

I'm extremely excited to enter into the next month of scheduling chaos, lights, music, food, family, friends and cheer. This is, of course, the first year for Max and I'm hoping he enjoys all of the hustle and bustle and learns to appreciate the time we get with the people we love. Thought the decoration in our house doesn't start until tomorrow, you can be sure that after our stomachs are stuffed this afternoon, I'll be scooting around the house getting things ready to be decked, tinseled and made merry!

Hopefully there's time for another post or two before Christmas...but if not, ¡Feliz!