Sunday, December 21

5 Months #Holidaze Edition

There have been a million things going on lately but none important enough for us to not pause and quick snap some 5 month progress pics of our little man!

He's growing and growing, getting smarter and more alert every day. Daddies are still loving every moment watching him learn new things, discover new sounds and mobilize himself a little bit more.

Hopefully I'll be able to snap a few more holiday pics with fam and provide a more serious update after the hustle and bustle are over with.

With a little winter flare!


Monday, December 15


Christmas Cookie Countdown

Thankfully my aunt came down to school us in the ways of confectionery perfection. We spent the majority of Saturday baking four simple holiday favorites and except for one burnt pan...they all turned out pretty darn well. Edible even!

Chip's contribution.

The worst part was over.

Don't they look tasty?


Great Grandma was able to sneak in some cuddle time with Max. 

Enjoying each other.

Maybe Max isn't able to comprehend the excitement of our first Christmas as a family, but Chip and I are through the roof. About two weeks ago we went on a onsies buying spree to make sure he had a festive outfit for any and all holiday parties and gatherings that we'll be attending this year. I'll just say...he's set!

Watching this little worm grow is just an amazing adventure. Just yesterday, the little guy experienced the clamp-on-counter-chair for the first time. Sure beats setting him in your lap and trying to balance him while shoveling rice cereal in the general direction of his mouth. He's such a beautiful little guy....and I'm sure there will be more pics to come in the next couple of weeks.

Love & Happy Holidays,

PS - I'm still dreaming of a White Christmas