Saturday, January 31

Playing Dress-Up

A little bit of getting ready for Cali. A little bit of torture. And a whole lot of CUTENESS!

He may be slightly oblivious to what is actually happening.

We ordered the beard with an adorable knit hat before Christmas. Well, handmade goods don't appear overnight like the fare we get from we just received it about a week ago. However, our fist attempt at having him wear it didn't go over so well so we decided we may need to introduce it in small doses. This is about attempt #3 or so.

Well -- after that got on his face we started piling all the other stuff on just for fun. We bought shades for him to block the California sun next week...he seems to be okay with them.

The hat came as a shower gift back when Max was still a twinkle in our eyes. But whoever gifted it sure did pick the perfect size for our upcoming trip!

Looks like he's trying to evade the paparazzi

Having a lot of fun and excited to hang out with Auntie Garms and Kaiyan tonight!

"Whatchya lookin' at!?"


Wednesday, January 21

All together now...

And here's the 6 month progression... wowza! 


Take 6!

Here's our little man at 6 months.

I can't believe it has been a half a year already. Oh, how time flies when you're looking so darn-tootin' cute!


Monday, January 19

Winter Adventure

So we try to document Max's life fairly thoroughly. We take lots of pictures, shoot a few videos here and there, jot down the milestone dates, etc...but now! Oh boy!! Y'all are in for a photo-palooza overload! We broke down and purchased a real camera the other day. A Nikon D3300. Something other than our cell phones (which take fine pics -- but don't quite have the power and speed one might need to capture the finer details of our quickly growing, soon-to-be-speedy little man.)

Our Sunday didn't start off too atypical. Monkey'd around the house in the morning, ate breakfast and prepped our grocery list for errand running. We did get to play around with the new camera while spending some time with Max and Phoebe in between laundry loads. 

After our errands were finished, we made off for the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. (A trip I thought was going to take some convincing on my part as I didn't think Papi would find much adventure in a winter trip to an arboretum...but I was wrong, took very little convincing.) We got a membership for Christmas and I was excited to use it for the first time. (However, they've made January visits free.)

The inside had a small art gallery showing, Holiday Spirits, with some beautiful pieces. Mostly acrylic and oil. So we started by perusing the art. The lobby was also filled with a beautiful orchid tree. While its grandeur was something to behold, the true beauty was in viewing the intricate details of each orchid -- they are quite amazing flowers.

Chip loved the yellow with pink

I found the fuschia and white combination to be stunning

Max had a lot to try and take in

We browsed the gift shop where Max found some of the hand puppets amusing...and some, well, not! 

The fox is sweet

Billy goat gets a few laughs

But really?? Who thinks turkeys are cute?

Our adventure then brought us out of doors. We walked back to the car to get Max bundled up and grab his sled. Much like our first sledding adventure in the back yard, Max took things very seriously. We had to stop and pose for some pics so we could get him to smile. Even though he had his thinkin' face on, we think he had a pretty awesome time. And I have to say, he certainly brought a lot of looks, "aahhh"s and attention to our walk.

There were also a couple of non-Max photos. (But not many.)

Back inside, it was time for 2nd lunch and some stretching. Then off to home we went.

On the way to the car -- he was called a "cute little papoose"
We made many comments about what a great day we had as we traveled back home and got hunkered in for the night. Next time we'll bring our idea how that slipped our minds this time. 

Max also tried his 3rd new food for dinner -- carrots.

Just a whole day of adventure, one would think he'd want to sleep later than 5:20. :(
Ah, well....


Friday, January 16

Done Deal

He's been so close for awhile now. So close! 

However, Max chose today at daycare to show off his new talent. He flipped over for his friend Alex.

For the past week I've been telling Max when I drop him off to keep practicing the movements for flipping but to not flip until we got home. But I guess he couldn't resist showing off. Tried as we might -- he wouldn't flip for us this evening. Maybe we'll get to see it sometime this weekend.

In other exciting news... Max's birth certificate came in the mail today. It was pretty cool to see his name, weight and stuff with our names listed below as PARENTS. 😁


Saturday, January 10

Sledding is serious

Max had his first go at sledding today. Just like many things for Max, he took it very serious. It is a bit chilly out so we only spent a few minutes giving the sled its inaugural run.

Thank goodness for the extra-poofy snowsuit to help max fill the seat and stay upright. The sled is a perfect fit. 

I'm working on organizing the plethora of Max inspired photographs that are filling my Google+ auto-backup so that I can give a thorough recap of 2014...stay tuned.



Tuesday, January 6

Just Keep Swimming...

So proud of Mr. Max on his first night of swim lessons. He may not have cracked too many smiles but he didn't cry, fuss or get mad at all. So I call that a win! 

He spent the majority of his first lesson looking around, checking things out and just plain wondering what the heck we was doing submerged in this clear, wet stuff. 

So happy that Papi could be with us on night one to cheer on Max and take a few videos...but next week grad school begins.  

Stay warm. 


PS - fingers crossed for a 'cold day' tomorrow! 

Thursday, January 1

New Year Tidings

Another evening of ringing in the new year has passed and another evening of celebrating life with people we love is added to the vault.

It's amazing to think that we're beginning a brand new year with life as a family. Looking back at 2014, there's no denying that this will be the year that goes down as my most memorable. So much has happened and life has changed in so many ways. Better...everything for the better.

The biggest and best thing of 2014 is, of course, Maximilian! That...little...boy has touched so many lives in his short 5 months on this planet. The joy he brings to my heart (and many others, I know) is infinite. His smile and positivity for life is contagious and makes you want to do everything in the world to make it better.

Another huge change this year has been the relocation of some of our dearest friends family, The Vogts. Their absence in Minnesota has been greatly noticed. Knowing that the move was fueled by the greatest intentions doesn't make the 1200 miles feel any nearer. While I dream of the flight that brings me to them, I'll have to live on Skypes and texts for now...

2015 is going to be the year of mountains of growth. For us as a family, for Maximilian as a little man and for our friendships near and far...

As always, I'm excited about all of these changes and opportunities...

For all of you, I hope your New Year is brimming with fulfilled resolutions and the happiness you deserve.