Thursday, January 1

New Year Tidings

Another evening of ringing in the new year has passed and another evening of celebrating life with people we love is added to the vault.

It's amazing to think that we're beginning a brand new year with life as a family. Looking back at 2014, there's no denying that this will be the year that goes down as my most memorable. So much has happened and life has changed in so many ways. Better...everything for the better.

The biggest and best thing of 2014 is, of course, Maximilian! That...little...boy has touched so many lives in his short 5 months on this planet. The joy he brings to my heart (and many others, I know) is infinite. His smile and positivity for life is contagious and makes you want to do everything in the world to make it better.

Another huge change this year has been the relocation of some of our dearest friends family, The Vogts. Their absence in Minnesota has been greatly noticed. Knowing that the move was fueled by the greatest intentions doesn't make the 1200 miles feel any nearer. While I dream of the flight that brings me to them, I'll have to live on Skypes and texts for now...

2015 is going to be the year of mountains of growth. For us as a family, for Maximilian as a little man and for our friendships near and far...

As always, I'm excited about all of these changes and opportunities...

For all of you, I hope your New Year is brimming with fulfilled resolutions and the happiness you deserve.