Saturday, January 31

Playing Dress-Up

A little bit of getting ready for Cali. A little bit of torture. And a whole lot of CUTENESS!

He may be slightly oblivious to what is actually happening.

We ordered the beard with an adorable knit hat before Christmas. Well, handmade goods don't appear overnight like the fare we get from we just received it about a week ago. However, our fist attempt at having him wear it didn't go over so well so we decided we may need to introduce it in small doses. This is about attempt #3 or so.

Well -- after that got on his face we started piling all the other stuff on just for fun. We bought shades for him to block the California sun next week...he seems to be okay with them.

The hat came as a shower gift back when Max was still a twinkle in our eyes. But whoever gifted it sure did pick the perfect size for our upcoming trip!

Looks like he's trying to evade the paparazzi

Having a lot of fun and excited to hang out with Auntie Garms and Kaiyan tonight!

"Whatchya lookin' at!?"