Monday, January 19

Winter Adventure

So we try to document Max's life fairly thoroughly. We take lots of pictures, shoot a few videos here and there, jot down the milestone dates, etc...but now! Oh boy!! Y'all are in for a photo-palooza overload! We broke down and purchased a real camera the other day. A Nikon D3300. Something other than our cell phones (which take fine pics -- but don't quite have the power and speed one might need to capture the finer details of our quickly growing, soon-to-be-speedy little man.)

Our Sunday didn't start off too atypical. Monkey'd around the house in the morning, ate breakfast and prepped our grocery list for errand running. We did get to play around with the new camera while spending some time with Max and Phoebe in between laundry loads. 

After our errands were finished, we made off for the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. (A trip I thought was going to take some convincing on my part as I didn't think Papi would find much adventure in a winter trip to an arboretum...but I was wrong, took very little convincing.) We got a membership for Christmas and I was excited to use it for the first time. (However, they've made January visits free.)

The inside had a small art gallery showing, Holiday Spirits, with some beautiful pieces. Mostly acrylic and oil. So we started by perusing the art. The lobby was also filled with a beautiful orchid tree. While its grandeur was something to behold, the true beauty was in viewing the intricate details of each orchid -- they are quite amazing flowers.

Chip loved the yellow with pink

I found the fuschia and white combination to be stunning

Max had a lot to try and take in

We browsed the gift shop where Max found some of the hand puppets amusing...and some, well, not! 

The fox is sweet

Billy goat gets a few laughs

But really?? Who thinks turkeys are cute?

Our adventure then brought us out of doors. We walked back to the car to get Max bundled up and grab his sled. Much like our first sledding adventure in the back yard, Max took things very seriously. We had to stop and pose for some pics so we could get him to smile. Even though he had his thinkin' face on, we think he had a pretty awesome time. And I have to say, he certainly brought a lot of looks, "aahhh"s and attention to our walk.

There were also a couple of non-Max photos. (But not many.)

Back inside, it was time for 2nd lunch and some stretching. Then off to home we went.

On the way to the car -- he was called a "cute little papoose"
We made many comments about what a great day we had as we traveled back home and got hunkered in for the night. Next time we'll bring our idea how that slipped our minds this time. 

Max also tried his 3rd new food for dinner -- carrots.

Just a whole day of adventure, one would think he'd want to sleep later than 5:20. :(
Ah, well....